Sep 9, 2022
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The Russian “Ironia” was an unpleasant surprise for the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kherson

The Russian

Russian troops, repelling the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kherson, used artillery and aircraft, to support which advanced aircraft controllers and reconnaissance systems were used. As a result, the attempts of the Ukrainian troops to develop the offensive turned out to be a failure.

This is stated in the material of the information portal Life. In particular, the authors talk about the successful use by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of the reconnaissance complex “Ironia”, thanks to which the Ukrainian units that went on a breakthrough near Kherson were taken by surprise and their attacks were repulsed.

The portable reconnaissance device “Irony”, the authors of the material explain, is an optoelectronic complex that can be mounted on a conventional tripod or on the body of armored vehicles. A calculation consisting of two people is responsible for the operation of the device. While the gunner is monitoring the terrain through the lens, his partner at the computer is responsible for processing and transmitting incoming data.

For the first time, Ironia optoelectronic systems were used by special forces of the Central Military District in 2015.

“OEC” Irony “allows you to keep the area under control and to detect in advance various objects that fall into the control zone. The complex also allows you to transfer photos and videos to the operational group via a closed communication channel at a distance of up to 10 kilometers, Life observers report. – Since the enemy often operates in the dark, the Irony’s ability to work at any time of the day is very handy. The detection accuracy is up to seven to ten kilometers. If you use several motion sensors, you can control the space with a radius of three kilometers.

The Russian

These capabilities of a portable reconnaissance device allowed the Russian military to notice the movement of Ukrainian forces in the Avdiivka area in the Kherson direction in time. After that, artillery fire was opened on the attackers, as well as air strikes.

As a result, an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to probe the weak points of the Russian defense near Kherson cost the Ukrainian side five destroyed tanks and four infantry fighting vehicles. The losses of the enemy in manpower at the same time amounted to 50 people, the authors of the material emphasize.

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