Jan 17, 2022
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The Russian Guard did not keep track of the shooters and must hand over their weapons

In the photo: police officers and the National Guard near the entrance to the territory of Perm State University.  On September 20, a first-year student, being on the territory of one of the buildings of the university, opened fire.  Six people died, more than 40 were injured

In the photo: police officers and the National Guard near the entrance to the territory of Perm State University. On September 20, a first-year student, being on the territory of one of the buildings of the university, opened fire. Six people died, more than 40 were injured (Photo: AP Photo/Anastasia Yakovleva/TASS)

In the upper echelons of power, a discussion continues about the rules for registering weapons and ways to control their circulation. The chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia also expressed his opinion Alexander Bastrykin, who proposed to return the licensing functions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And that means taking them away from the National Guard, which, apparently, is not coping with its task?

At least last fall, the guardsmen, who previously authorized the purchase of weapons on their own, prepared a bill that proposed not to issue a license to purchase weapons to those who did not pass the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs checks. The department itself, having measured its strength, apparently decided that it was not in a position to identify those involved in extremist and terrorist groups.

Chairman of the Moscow Interregional Trade Union of the Police and the National Guard Mikhail Pashkin suggests that the head of the UK monitors the initiatives of his union:

– We have been talking about this for a long time – since the licensing functions were transferred to the National Guard. After all, this is nonsense – one department issues a permit for the acquisition, and the other monitors how weapons are stored. Everything is in full accordance with the proverb “Seven nannies have a child without an eye.” The fact that a person has acquired a weapon, the police will find out after some time, in a month or two, or maybe not at all. The district police officer still needs to convey information, and information about the issuance of a permit … may be lost along the way.

Therefore, everything should be concentrated in one hand: either the Russian Guard, let it issue and control, although they do not have the function of controlling the owners of weapons, or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Then the police will issue permits, and control storage, and be responsible, in which case, for how the weapon is used. And the FSB will control the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“SP”: – The Russian Guard, probably, will only be satisfied after the extra “headache” is removed from it?

On the one hand, yes, but on the other, no. The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not really need this now, because it will again have to return the staff, the employees of the licensed apparatus, who were transferred to the National Guard. But, nevertheless, it is more expedient, I think, to concentrate everything in single hands. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs there is a department “K”, which deals with the prevention of crimes in the field of computer information, and interacts with the department “D” of the FSB for the prevention of extremism.

Of course, the head of the National Guard Victor Zolotov does not refuse to issue permits. After all, that a license to purchase weapons, that a permit to carry and store – provide for the payment of state duty. License – 2000 rubles, permission – 500 rubles. So, given that approximately 3% of Russians own weapons, the money comes out a lot. And controlling cash flows is a serious matter, they don’t refuse this. Bystrykin is in favor, while Zolotov is against. Now let’s see what the president decides. It is necessary to choose the benefit for the state, and not individual departments and individuals …

However, the personality of the head of the National Guard, Viktor Zolotov, is remarkable in many ways. We remind you that in the past – this is one of the president’s faithful bodyguards Vladimir Putin. He was noticed, singled out and sent to another, no less responsible job. Did you cope with your task?

Not so long ago, the prosecutor’s office and the investigative department of the TFR opened criminal cases on embezzlement and abuse in the National Guard. Under suspicion are four generals and three colonels of the law enforcement agency headed by Viktor Zolotov, who himself is beyond suspicion.

And why is the department headed by him needed at all? So, just in case, so that there is something to restore order in the event of riots like Kazakhstani ones. In the meantime, this has not happened, as long as respectable citizens remain such, without turning into arsonists and looters, neither this law enforcement agency nor its leader are trying not to shine. They are spoken for by the head of the UK, who often speaks in our country on a variety of burning issues.

Lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky recalls other statements by the country’s chief investigator, such as a return to the Soviet education system:

– In this case, there is nothing surprising, because this statement is at least close to his field of activity. The main thing here is the transfer of jurisdiction, and not the narrowing of the powers of the gun owners themselves.

In our country, the problem is not who is in charge of issuing permits, but the fact that citizens are practically denied access to effective means of self-defense. In this, our country is a rarity, because with one of the highest crime rates, at least among developed countries, we have some of the toughest gun access regulations in the world. We are not allowed to defend ourselves. Everything has been done to make it convenient for the killers and bandits to kill us, which they do. The statistics are not at all encouraging – about ten thousand killed a year. We urgently need to allow citizens to defend themselves, and this is still very bad.

“SP”: – Will the constant transfer of powers from one department to another help the case: either there or back?

“I don’t think this will make it easier for citizens to defend themselves. Citizens did not and will not have the opportunity to defend themselves. The police and law enforcement agencies are now ascertaining the death of the victim. They can then investigate – successfully or unsuccessfully – the very fact of the murder. And the protection of your home, property, especially in rural areas, lies with the citizen himself. How can he protect himself? No way. Huge hunting rifles, overlaid with a mass of restrictions – can only protect in rare cases.

Terrible and indicative case Sergei Yelesin. Five years ago in Tatarstan, two scumbags attacked him and beat him to death with shovels. Sergey called the rescue service by mobile and as a result they wanted to make the dispatcher who received the call last. And what could he do? Now, if Sergei, the father of two children, had at least some kind of weapon with him, the same pistol, he would have stood up for himself without any problems.

When you call to allow weapons of self-defense, you hear completely Russophobic statements in response. In Europe, a politician who makes such statements will instantly become a political corpse. And we say: “they get drunk and kill each other.” If a member of some European parliament said that the Germans or the French would “get drunk and kill each other” – that would be the end of his political career. And for some reason we can …

The alleged changes and perturbations are associated with the tragedies that occurred in educational institutions last year. So there is an interdepartmental discussion of the problem. They want to tighten control over the circulation and use of civilian weapons. It is proposed to control the turnover of cartridges. Earlier, a group of deputies submitted to the State Duma another draft amendment to the law “On Weapons”. In their opinion, dangerous signs are not only mental problems and drugs, but also posts on the Internet.

President of the International Bar Association Alexander Pochuev believes that the return of the control functions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not just thinking aloud:

– This is a real investigative experience of investigating recent mass executions. It must be clearly understood that historically the function of controlling the circulation of civilian weapons is characteristic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and not the paramilitary National Guard. After the withdrawal of this function from the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2016, the existing system within one department was destroyed and a new redundant function was introduced into the organically alien environment of another.

This can be called an unsuccessful experiment, albeit aimed, as it seemed, at creating better conditions for regulating the circulation of civilian weapons. The coherence of the work of all elements of regulation and control is very important: from the rule-making function to the work of district police officers.

But it is not worth linking the work of the existing licensing system with the increase in “mass shootings”. The cases mentioned by Bastrykin are the result of the lack of sufficient preventive measures to prevent and prevent such crimes and mental disorders of specific individuals, and not the circulation of civilian weapons.

Although if the opportunity for citizens to own pistols was allowed, it is possible that these crimes would be stopped by those around them, and there were not so many victims. There are similar cases in the practice of the United States and other countries where weapons are distributed among the population. The criminal will always find a weapon, but the right to self-defense against him without an adequate response is hardly realizable.

Recall that in the spring of last year in gymnasium No. 147 of Kazan, her former student Ilnaz Galyaviev blew up an improvised explosive device, and then opened fire. Seven children and two teachers were killed, the weapon of the criminal was not registered. In autumn, student Timur Bekmansurov staged a massacre at Perm State University. Six people were killed and dozens were injured. The weapon was purchased legally. Both were arrested and charged with murder. And a former student of an Orthodox gymnasium in Serpukhov set off an explosion on her doorstep. He didn’t even have a weapon, only a “hellish machine”.

How many people, so many opinions lawyer Christina Kolesnik believes that against the backdrop of recent tragedies, a measure to tighten control over the circulation of weapons and the assignment of these functions to the Ministry of Internal Affairs is essential:

“But here it is important to note that this measure will lead to the prosperity of the black market for weapons in our country, where there are already about 20 million firearms in illegal circulation. A measure to tighten control over the issuance of weapons, first of all, should consist in additional examinations on the mental and psychological state of a person who plans or has already received a license and permission to acquire, store and carry weapons. After all, as a rule, the most brutal violent crimes with the use of weapons are committed just by mentally unbalanced people against the backdrop of emotional excitement …

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