Sep 16, 2020
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The Russian government wants to spend almost 43 million rubles on the fight against crows on the roof of the White House

The government plans to allocate 42.6 million rubles. to exterminate the crows on the roof of the cabinet building. This is stated in the explanatory note to the draft federal budget for 2021 and the planning period 2022-2023, the data of which is provided by RBC.

The draft budget provides for the allocation of 21.3 million rubles. in 2021-2022 for "organizing work to control the populations of birds (crows) on the territory and on the roof of the Government House of the Russian Federation." The specific measures that will be applied against the crows are not named.

Elena Schneider, chairman of the Novosibirsk branch of the Russian Bird Conservation Union, noted that the best option for scaring away crows is to attract their natural enemies - falcons and hawks. The extermination of birds can lead to the opposite effect, since new birds from the wild will come to replace the killed crows.

Elena Chernova, an employee of the coordinating center of the Bird Conservation Union, said that there is no such number of crows in Moscow that need to be exterminated, moreover, in recent years their number has decreased five times without any extermination. "They cannot harm the roof in any way, if the roof is not made of plasticine," Chernov explained, adding that it makes sense to use hawks and falcons against pigeons, whose droppings can damage the roof.

Most often, birds pose a danger to aviation infrastructure facilities. In September 2019, the Zhukovsky airport near Moscow ordered bioacoustic devices and mirror balls to scare them away. In 2015, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, used an unmanned aerial vehicle to disperse birds at Grozny airport.

In 2017, Lieutenant General of the Federal Security Service Sergei Khlebnikov said that noise systems and other technical means were used in the Kremlin to scare away crows. Then it became known that the ornithological service of the Kremlin acquired an owl to fight crows.

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