Jul 31, 2020
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The Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the detention of Russian citizens near Minsk

The Russian Foreign Ministry has commented on the detention of Russians in Belarus.

“An attempt to present what happened as external interference in the affairs of the republic is at least puzzling,” says a statement posted on the agency’s website.

It is emphasized that the authorities of the republic have all the necessary documents to establish the truth.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the need to stop whipping up negative emotions and reminded that presidential elections will soon take place in Belarus.

In addition, the ministry called on to provide consular officers with access to detained Russians, and also expressed the hope that Minsk would find an objective approach to establishing all the circumstances of what happened in close cooperation with Russia.

The department said that a group of Russians, who were subsequently detained, followed in transit through Minsk to Istanbul. They had all the necessary documents, including air tickets. Their movement on the territory of the republic was provided by a local company. For unknown reasons, the Russians did not make it to their flight to the Turkish capital and stayed in Belarus awaiting the purchase of new tickets by the Belarusian company.

The day before, the Russian embassy in Belarus received an official notification of the arrest of a group of Russians. Today, the Security Council of the republic reported that a case was initiated against the detainees under the article for preparing a terrorist attack. The Investigative Committee clarified that the Russians could be arrested. According to the Belarusian investigators, they may be involved in organizing riots in the country.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev said that the detained Russians were not involved in the events related to the socio-political situation in the republic. He noted that they can be employees of a private security company, which under contract guards energy facilities and resources abroad.

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