Jan 9, 2021
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The Russian Federation has established the value of the subsistence minimum for 2021

In Russia, the value of the subsistence minimum for 2021 was set at 11,653 rubles, according to the website of the Russian government.

The corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

It is specified that the subsistence minimum per capita will be 11,653 rubles. For pensioners, the subsistence minimum is set at 10,022 rubles, for the able-bodied population – 12,702 rubles, for children – 11,303 rubles.

Recall that from 2021, the cost of living is set immediately for a year, and not for a quarter, as it was before.

In addition, now the minimum value depends on the median per capita income in the country. Previously, it was determined based on the calculation of the cost of products included in the consumer basket.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor named the size of the subsistence minimum for 2020. According to the ministry, this figure per capita will be 11,301 rubles, for pensioners – 9,299 rubles, for children – 11,203 rubles. As explained in the ministry, the data was obtained based on the analysis of prices for goods from the consumer basket for 11 months of this year.

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