Apr 10, 2021
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The Russian Federation explained why the pilot of the US Air Force put on the chevron “Russia”

During Point Blank 21-2, one of the American pilots was seen wearing an unusual patch. The distinctive sign had the inscription “Russia” and the silhouette of the Su-27.

Vladimir Popov, deputy editor-in-chief of the Aviapanorama magazine, honored military pilot of the Russian Federation, noted that the American pilot’s patch has nothing to do with politics. In his opinion, a US Air Force pilot can simply pay tribute to our great aircraft.

“The Su-27 is a really good fighter, on the basis of which the Su-33, Su-30SM, Su-34 and Su-35 generation 4 ++ have been made and are being made. He, as a pilot, out of a sense of devotion to aviation, which has no boundaries, did it, ”the speaker suggested.

Vladimir Popov also explained that the American could receive the Russia badge as a gift.

“The patch is used as a gift. As long as I was in the United States, in Canada, we exchanged patches. Sometimes they were framed. Cosmonauts do the same, ”said the honored military pilot of Russia.

Vladimir Popov added: he also has souvenirs from people with whom he flew together.

“A whole collection. Also, table flags can be used as a sign of attention. It’s just a reminder of the meeting, a friendly gesture, ”he said.

The military pilot stressed that personal relationships between pilots from different countries usually go well.

“I talked for a long time with the commander of the troops in Alaska. He is also a pilot, flew the F-16. We had good meetings in the service and in private. We both talked with him that God forbid we see each other through the sights. And so the relationship is very good. Professionals feel each other. We are not at war with each other, politicians are at war. Politicians, whose will is carried out by the military, ”summed up the speaker.

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