Oct 30, 2021
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The Russian Federation and the United States agreed to inform each other about incidents in the cybersphere

Russia and the United States agreed to inform each other about cybersecurity incidents concerning them, TASS reports.

This was announced during a press conference by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vasily Nebenzya.

According to the diplomat, the parties have now restarted the dialogue on cybersecurity. At the same time, he noted that Moscow has its own concerns regarding the actions of Washington.

“As I understand it, we agreed that we will do our best to inform the other side about the concerns they raise,” added the permanent representative.

Nebenzya also drew attention to the fact that Russia and the United States have prepared a draft UN General Assembly resolution on responsible behavior in cyberspace. The diplomat noted that a year ago no one could have dreamed of such a thing.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov also announced Russia’s responsible approach to combating cybercrime.

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