Apr 19, 2021
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The Russian Embassy in Ukraine received a note on the expulsion of the Russian diplomat

The Russian embassy in Kiev received a note from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on the expulsion of a diplomatic officer from the country, TASS reports, citing information from the diplomatic mission.

They confirmed that the expelled diplomat was Yevgeny Chernikov.

On April 17, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion from the country of the senior diplomat of the Russian Embassy in Kiev after the detention of the Consul of Ukraine Alexander Sosonyuk in St. Petersburg. The message stated that the actions of the Russian authorities violate the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and confirm the course of confrontation with Ukraine chosen by Russia.

Recall, according to the FSB, Sosonyuk was detained in St. Petersburg during a meeting with a citizen of the Russian Federation while receiving classified information. After the incident, the Ukrainian side announced that it was preparing countermeasures.

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