Jun 7, 2022
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The Russian complex “Strelets-M” provides high accuracy of strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Ukraine

The Russian complex

The Sagittarius-M Intelligence, Command and Communications Complex (KRUS) helps the Russian Aerospace Forces deliver high-precision strikes against military targets in Ukraine during a special operation.

An informed source told RIA Novosti that thanks to the use of this complex, the Russian military can destroy camouflaged objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of special importance, which are very difficult to detect during aerial reconnaissance. It is noted that the targets illuminated by “Sagittarius” are eliminated by fighters and bombers both at the forefront and behind enemy lines.

“When aviation approaches the range of high-precision missiles with a semi-active laser homing head, the complex illuminates the target with a laser designator,” the message says.

It is emphasized that the Russian COURSE includes a computer, a satellite navigation system module, a communication module and connected devices, including rangefinders and target designators.

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