Nov 2, 2021
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The rules of the “iron lady”

The rules of the

The rules of life from the “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher was born into a poor family of a grocer and a seamstress, but became the first woman to take the post of prime minister of the most conservative country in the world. And lasted on it the longest – 11 years.

Her personal qualities and her friendship with many leaders of state undoubtedly contributed to the end of the Cold War. It was Soviet journalists who came up with the nickname “iron lady”, which she really liked.

The rules of life from the “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher:

If you want to discuss something, go to a man; if you want to really do something, go to a woman.
When a woman shows character, they say about her “bitch”. When a man shows character, they say about him “a great guy.”
There is no point in being a pathetic soft substance in a chair. Is not it?
The rooster may be crowing well, but the eggs are still laid by the hen.
If those who criticize me saw me walking on the waves of the Thames, they would say: it’s only because she can’t swim.
Cheese is free only in a mousetrap.
Politeness is highly valued today, but impudence has no price at all.
Every woman familiar with the problems of housekeeping is close to understanding the problems of governing the country.
Today a woman has a sea of ​​opportunities to express herself: some of us even run countries. But, to be honest, the reticule suits us more than the bayonet.
Do you want to cut your throat? Don’t come to me for dressing.
Nobody would have remembered the “Good Samaritan” if he had only good intentions. He also had money.
We all have to become grandmothers sometime.
The home should be the center, but not the border of women’s lives.
It is not at all necessary to agree with the interlocutor in order to find a common language with him.
90% of our worries are about things that never happen.
I only rejoice at personal attacks on me. This means that the enemy has no other political arguments left.
You need to study your enemy well, then one day you can turn him into a friend.
The wealth of a country is not necessarily built on its own natural resources, it is achievable even in the absence of them. The most important resource is a person. The state only needs to create a basis for the flowering of people’s talent.
There can be no other freedom without economic freedom.
Being powerful is like being a real lady. If you have to remind people that you are, you are not exactly.

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