Sep 14, 2020
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The robot became an employee of the store and puts goods on the shelves

the robot arranges goods on the shelvesTo protect personnel from Covid-19, the heads of the FamilyMart chain of stores (Tokyo, Japan) are beginning to use the services of robots.

the robot arranges goods on the shelves

The first amazing employee, whose name is Famima, has already appeared in one of the stores, where he is doing useful business, placing products on shelves and reorganizing products. True, the robot developed by Telexistence is not yet capable of acting independently, and is controlled by a person sitting in an office.

the robot arranges goods on the shelves

Of course, such devices are useful in a pandemic, because they will help sellers to have less contact with customers, but it should be noted that the speed of Famima's work is not so high - an ordinary person would place bottles on the shelves much faster.

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