Jul 11, 2021
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The riddle of changes in human DNA

The riddle of changes in human DNA

In the course of research on human DNA, scientists came across “mysterious creatures” that radically changed the course of human development.

On the TV channelHistory”A documentary film“ Ancient aliens: DNA reveals a hybrid of a human and an alien ”was shown dedicated to this inexplicable phenomenon.

The typical pattern of DNA evolution shows slow progress from primitive to modern humans. However, today this theory of evolution is being revised. University of Wisconsin anthropologist Dr. John Hawkes has analyzed the evolution of human DNA over millennia and discovered an incredibly dramatic acceleration in biological evolution in our recent history.

The scientific world called this discovery amazing. So, if you look at the DNA of a person who lived 3000 years BC, and compare with modern, it turns out that it has changed by seven percent. Hawkes discovered that over the past 5,000 years, our DNA has changed at a rate a hundred times faster than in the previous five thousand years of our history.

Something definitely had a profound impact on humanity some 5,000 years ago. And here the myths that exist among all peoples about how people became related with gods and supernatural beings immediately suggest themselves. In legends, we often come across plots of a person’s connection with gods, demons, aliens from other worlds.

Researchers talk about tremendous changes in the structure of human DNA, and admit that this has happened in the last 5,000 years. So, 4500 years ago, the most grandiose structure of the ancient world appeared – the Cheops pyramid, the largest of the pyramids. At the same time, in Egypt, they began to create works of monumental art, outstanding by the standards of today. Something inexplicable happened to a person, a thirst for creativity awakened in him, the first musical instruments appeared

So far, there are only guesses about what influenced man so strongly and changed his nature. Some scientists come to only one conclusion – the DNA structure of modern people is a product of bioengineering, and our genetic code has been supplemented to accelerate the evolution of mankind.

Nikolay Ivanov

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