Aug 31, 2021
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The Return of Trump, or the Social Crisis and Political Battle in the United States

Panic publications in the anti-Trump press in the United States are like delirium. They go in a tight jamb. Panic is stirring over Donald Trump’s return to the forefront in the ongoing battle for seats in the House of Representatives and Senate, which will be the prize in the 2022 midterm elections.

The trigger for a new round of struggle after Trump’s long absence from the public space was his speech at a rally of supporters in the town of Wellington, near Cleveland, Ohio, where Trump confidently won the elections last November. In Wellington, he stated bluntly: “We will take back the House of Representatives, we will take back the Senate”… Trump attacked the “indoctrination” of schoolchildren by Democrats, “fake” news, “tyrants” from large corporations.

The 90-minute speech was accompanied by the audience chanting two slogans: “Trump won” and “Four more years (in the White House).” The former president responded in unison: “Our movement has not exhausted itself. In fact, our struggle is just beginning. “

The Democrats were wary. In the Internet aggregator “Medium” (Average daily digest), where the supporters of the Obama-Clinton-Biden administration speak out almost exclusively, an informal competition between the persecutors of “Trumpism” as a totalitarian ideology unfolded.

Black PR

Joe Biden dared to say that the Republican Party will not necessarily survive until the next elections, but the competition that unfolded in the ranks of the elephant party between potential substitutes or replacements for Trump forced the globalist clan to mobilize.

Phil Heimlich, a former assistant attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio, sounded the alarm back on April 14th. “If patriotic Americans do not defeat (Trump), then we can repeat the fate of other peoples whose elected leaders have stolen their freedoms.”

On August 1, avid publicist Karen White stated: “Trump leads the ‘shadow government’ and “Plotting to get back with his cabinet”

Umar Haq, a well-known pamphleteer in the virtual space, proclaimed on August 5: Trumpism is coming back to life because America condones it

Blogger Mike Weisser used a direct analogy with the Weimar Republic, reborn into the Third Reich, and compared Trump to Hitler. An intriguing headline (“Is Trump a Fascist? Not Even Close”) defiantly discordant with the content of these comparisons.

The most pompous was the essay of the same Umar Haq “The authoritarian radicalization of Trumpist America” (The authoritarian radicalization of Trumpist America)… Trumpism “Grows, strengthens and begins to retaliate”, writes Hack. And he accuses everyone who professes the ideas of Trumpism that they want to build a “totalitarian society.” Mr. Hack recalls the crowd of people at the Capitol on January 6, qualifies it as a “putsch” and assures that the Trumpists will follow in the footsteps of the German Nazis: first “a failed coup, then, a few years later, after learning the main lessons, a successful one.”

The conclusion suggests itself. If in the rhetoric of the Democrats addressed to their Republican opponents and the 74 million voters who voted for Trump’s re-election for a second term, black PR technologies were used with references to the figures of Nazi Germany, therefore, the fear of a possible triumph of Trumpists in the 2022 midterm elections to Congress and the return in 2024 of Trump or his like-minded person became great.

Enter the Potomac River twice

At the same time, the fears of the Democrats are exaggerated. About 60 lawsuits by supporters of the former president ended in nothing: no evidence of election fraud was established. True, Obama-Clinton-Biden has to take public opinion polls into account. They show that 36% of voters across the political spectrum and 76% of the traditional Republican electorate are still convinced that forgery has taken place.

However, the “deep state”, if we mean by this, rarely renewed, self-replicating bureaucracy, including the military, has been privatized by Trump’s opponents. It was they who did not allow the “drainage of the swamp” in Washington. Therefore, Trump’s chances of entering the Potomac waters a second time and reigning in the White House are slim. In addition, signs of infantile narcissism are too striking in his behavior, which is incompatible with the daunting task of rescuing the United States from a deep systemic crisis.

Recall: the crisis, first of all, the socio-economic one, when the printing press is working at a frantic pace, and 40 million citizens, burdened with mortgage and university loans, have no chance of paying for full-fledged health insurance.

Trump does not have that “silver bullet” that will scatter the monsters who have ridden America to smithereens.

Caricature touches to the portrait of the failed gravedigger of the “deep state” are the procedures he established in Mar-a-Lago, his residence in Florida with the name. He ordered stationery with a fake presidential seal. I chose the number 45, this is his serial number in the line of presidents, as a personal brand. The numbers are depicted on his cuffs. The personal page on the Internet has a symbolic address –… And the locator of the resource location (URL) of his Political Action Committee (PAC) is the pathetic call “Save America45” –

Trump’s enemies giggle at these eccentricities, but in reality, the Democratic camp is not afraid of Trump himself, who is capable of returning to power, but of Trump as a phenomenon that reflects the maturing of the counter-elite, which is going to replace the “irreplaceable” oligarchy.

Will Tucker Carlson become the next Trump

A wake-up call for Democrats was a seemingly insignificant episode when Tucker Carlson, a political columnist for a conservative television station Fox News, the host of the popular program, interviewed Viktor Orban in Budapest.

The very fact of communicating with this politician, who expelled Soros University from the country and passed through parliament a law on the protection of children from LGBT propaganda, caused a stupor. Umar Khak, mentioned above, saw the emergence of an “axis of fascism” here: “Let’s remember who is the main sponsor and defenders of Orban … of course, Russia. Now ask yourself: who do we know literally put Trump in the chair of the American president? Again Russia “

Doesn’t these panicky-hysterical howls mean that an alternative is emerging in the bowels of Western civilization?

Viktor Orban, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, described the essence of the conflict as follows: “Western liberals cannot accept the fact that within Western civilization there is a conservative national alternative that is more successful at the level of everyday life than their liberal one.” And further: “We are an example of how a country based on traditional values, national identity, Christian (Catholic) traditions can be successful, and sometimes more successful than left-liberal governments.”

The Hungarian pragmatic conservative mentioned that there is an overflow of citizens from a number of Western European countries to Hungary. By the way: the prophecy of Viktor Orban sounded in an interview (“we will still see the migration of Europeans from West to East”) echoes what I wrote in the article “The French are thinking about permanent residence in Russia”.

Tucker Carlson is in the forefront of critics of the American ruling clan, and after a sensational visit to Budapest, he was viewed as a possible candidate for the presidential nomination from the Republicans. For now, he himself rejects such plans as speculation. But he constantly informs his audience that, according to his informant, the NSA is looking through his mail and leaking possible compromising evidence into the Democratic press.

This provokes the indignant Republicans in the camp. So, James Cointril at the reader’s forum challenged the thesis about Trump’s intention to establish an authoritarian regime. “Ironically, everything is exactly the opposite, – he writes. “Genuine authoritarianism is the lot of Democrats who want to punish and strangle Trump supporters.”

The split of the political class and the ruling elites in the United States promises a lot of troubles for the country and the world. A poll conducted in June by the George Washington University revealed, one might say, the pre-war atmosphere in society. Nearly half of GOP supporters agree that the moment may soon come when “American patriots” will be forced to “take justice into their own hands.” And more than half (55%) expressed a willingness to use force to “protect the traditional American way of life

The cult of violence in the United States was formed by Hollywood’s romanticization of cowboy mores and overseas adventures, and since America is ahead of the rest of humanity in the number of gunshot arsenals in households, you think about Chekhov’s gun on the wall, which in the third act of the drama will surely shoot.

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