Oct 1, 2021
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The return of Ausweis and the segregation of the unvaccinated

Less than a week after the State Duma elections, the statistics of infections and deaths from the now fashionable disease in Russia skyrocketed, the federal authorities and regional governments began to convene emergency meetings, and most importantly – to return access regimes with QR codes and discrimination against the unvaccinated. The first swallows are the Samara Region, the Perm Territory and Udmurtia, while the authorities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and others are preparing to follow the same scenario. So by the November WHO Assembly, it is very likely that we will have a full lockdown, and maybe a lockout. Against the background of openly neo-fascist statements by former chief medical officers and current chief pediatricians about the compulsory vaccination of children, against the background of massive transfers of educational institutions and individual classes to distant countries that have started throughout the country, all this does not inspire optimism, but sets us up for a serious battle for our rights and freedoms.

It all started with the harsh statements of the Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov about strengthening control over the mask regime – in public transport, shopping centers, etc. The businessmen who did not meet the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor were threatened with closure, and they themselves were threatened with huge fines. But the most important thing is that in two weeks Azarov gave the command to transfer all cultural and leisure institutions and fitness centers to the regime of admission of visitors by the QR code of the vaccination certificate. The description of the meeting does not say anything about the opportunity to pass the PCR test.

The Perm Territory quickly took up the initiative of Samara residents, stating that when visiting a number of public events, mandatory QR codes will be introduced: for sports competitions, theaters, concert halls, cinemas, circus, tourist events. Everything is according to the standard history, which is completely inexplicable from a scientific and medical point of view: for some reason, immunity for those who have been ill lasts no more than six months, for those who have been injected, it lasts for a year. Where did all the heads of the regions get exactly such a time frame than the immunity of those who had recovered worse than those vaccinated, and who generally proved that the vaccinated are safe for society and receive protection from the virus for at least a year, if the same Ministry of Health in August recommended “catching up” with boosters every six months? But what if the reports of doctors and the media that Kovidniks are full of vaccinated citizens are true? The authorities refuse to answer these questions …

At the same time, at first, the regional headquarters also offered to keep QR codes for visiting fitness clubs and catering establishments, but so far they decided to postpone this. Yes, there is still an opportunity to pass the PCR test within three days, if you really need to get to some kind of tournament, performance or concert, but doing a fashionable procedure is somehow scary.

On Tuesday evening, Udmurtia also joined this company, where QR codes will be assigned to people (more precisely, they will be checked for those already assigned to the pricked people and not only in the ESIA system, on the portal of state services) from October 5. Digital Outsweiss will need to be shown for attending sporting events, exhibitions, theaters and cinemas. In addition, from September 29, it is proposed to ban the activities of food courts in the city, except for those located at train stations, airports and gas stations.

“From September 29, 2021, the occupancy of halls in restaurants, cafes, canteens, buffets, bars, snack bars and other public catering establishments indoors and on terraces cannot exceed 50% of the total capacity,” the regional government said in a statement.

If all visitors have the QR codes of the vaccination certificate or negative covid test no more than three days ago, which is difficult to imagine, this restriction will be lifted. And for some reason, they decided to torment people with completely useless pyrometers that show body temperature much lower than the real one – they forced them to use them at the entrance to shopping centers and catering places.

A few days ago, a meeting on the probable toughening of covid restrictions was also held at the Moscow Mayor’s Office, where they are already officially preparing for the self-proclaimed “fourth wave”. At the first signal from the top, the authorities are ready to reintroduce restrictions – to transfer companies to remote work (up to 30% of employees), return QR codes for visitors to cafes and cinemas, mandatory self-isolation for pensioners and people with chronic diseases.

And one more extremely unpleasant story – the resumed transfers of individual schools and entire classes to distant. Now this is being done not only and not so much in connection with the planned “measures to prevent the spread of infection”, as in the past year, but according to individual orders of the employees of Rospotrebnadzor. We receive a lot of messages from parents – their children are voluntarily and forcibly transferred to digital platforms, prepared for a distance. In many schools, the administration, without any order from the municipal / regional authorities, requires children to not attending classes due to any ailment, it is imperative to take a PCR test to return to class, which is blatant lawlessness and a violation of everyone’s right to refuse to intervene.

There is a widespread practice of transferring certain classes to quarantine after identifying one or more children with a positive PCR test for covid. All schoolchildren in contact with him must go to the distance course for two weeks. It is usually drawn up with such nominal instructions from Rospotrebnadzor.

The basis for this is the paragraph of the sanitary and epidemiological rules of the joint venture 3.1.3597-20 “Prevention of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)”, in force from November 2020:

“3.8. A person who has been in contact with a COVID-19 patient is isolated (in the observatory, at the place of residence) for at least 14 calendar days from the date of the last contact with a COVID-19 patient or until recovery (in case of the development of the disease).
Discharge of contact persons who did not develop clinical symptoms during the entire period of medical supervision to engage in labor activity (training), admission to organized teams is carried out after 14 calendar days from the date of the last contact with a COVID-19 patient without laboratory testing for COVID -19.
Sampling of biological material from a person who has been in contact with a COVID-19 patient for laboratory research is carried out when clinical symptoms of a disease similar to COVID-19 appear. “

To clarify, there is no obligation to use EO and DOT in the form of “digital platforms”, online conferences, etc. quarantined children do not and cannot be. But they are simply put in a stalemate at school. Parents at work no one gives benefits / time off at the expense of the company, and children need to do something in order not to lag hopelessly behind the school curriculum. Once again, we remind parents about the recent response from the Ministry of Education: with your written statement, refusal from the distance student addressed to the director, the school is obliged to provide an alternative. Everyone has the right to refuse e-school, and it does not disappear anywhere if your child is quarantined.

These are the sad stories that started right after the elections. It started as expected – but it doesn’t get any easier. We urge citizens to defend their rights and force officials to comply with federal laws and the Constitution. As long as possible – by legal means. As for the dangers of any “innovative” bio-GMO cocktails “from covid”, the semi-official Western press, like Bloomberg and the BBC, are already talking about them loudly, and they started talking on our channels (in particular, on Spas on Tuesday news presenter noted the big problems with pregnancy in women after a fashionable procedure). So it won’t be possible to hide the truth from the people for a long time, and this Carthage will definitely be destroyed.

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