Jan 13, 2022
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The retirement age in the Russian Federation will be raised again when the Kazakhs calm down

The retirement age in the Russian Federation will be raised again when the Kazakhs calm down

Photo: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

In the State Duma, a debate has again flared up about the retirement age. Opposition deputies defend the right of people to a well-deserved rest. The ruling party objects that we have no one to work and pay taxes. Recently Oleg Nilov, representing the party “Fair Russia – For the Truth” recalled that in our country the average man does not live up to retirement.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation firmly advocates the return of the previous retirement age. State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin back in 2019, he suggested that the authorities plan to further increase the retirement age for Russians – now to 70 years. Few people will like this, most Russians are very unhappy with the pension reform. It’s not far from a social explosion here, especially if you start counting the number of “pension points”, and at school you had a triple in arithmetic.

But voters are one thing, one gets the feeling that the authors of the predatory pension reform had a “couple” in arithmetic. And now these losers decide the fate of the country, stupidly reducing the number of pensioners. 300-400 thousand people a year.

According to Head of the Center for Political Economic Research Vasily Koltashov Now something like a performance is taking place in the State Duma:

– The opposition shows its rejection of any increase in the retirement age – and, thus, seeks to get the support of voters, as a group of forces opposed to raising the retirement age. And the party in power demonstrates that it allegedly hears the mood of society. This topic was raised a little and then immediately abandoned. The mood among citizens is certain – no increase in the retirement age. People are negatively disposed towards such projects.

What we called the “pension reform” implemented in 2018 is, in fact, just a mechanical raising of the bar and that’s it. This in no way eliminated the problems of pension policy, did not provide additional funds to the Pension Fund, and did not include foreign workers in the system of deductions. Increased age – and all. Therefore, it is very important for the party in power to show now: yes, the second stage of raising the retirement age is possible, “the issue is being discussed,” but “we will never do this,” “we will not allow it.”

At the moment, the situation is mutually beneficial for both the opposition and the ruling party. It is unlikely that anyone will raise the retirement age against the backdrop of the events that have just unfolded in Kazakhstan. They will not even seriously discuss the issue of raising the retirement age. Therefore, unlike in 2018, the current discussion is not serious. This is not even probing the ground, but rather a demonstration of the attention of the party in power to public opinion.

“SP”: – How can we solve the problem of decent pensions? Surely there is a more complex scheme than a rough increase in the retirement age?

– In order to solve the pension problem in Russia, it is necessary to reduce payments to the tax authorities, and through them – to the Pension Fund, and make sure that employers make these payments. We need to reduce the tax burden on wages. Introduce a non-taxable minimum tax on wages below 50 thousand rubles a month. People should work “in the white” with real pension contributions. Now most of the workers are employed semi-legally and cannot count on a normal pension, although they hope for some kind of pension.

To close the “demographic hole” it is possible to accept migrants, preferably family migrants, who buy real estate in Russia. Maybe this should become a basic condition for obtaining citizenship – a family, a child, an apartment taken on a mortgage. This should work automatically, and in this way we will close this “pit”, which the liberals all the time refer to in order to endlessly raise the retirement age.

As for the actual increase in the retirement age, we have two categories of citizens. For those who work hard and physically, work is a heavy burden for them and retirement should follow the same patterns. And there are people who can work even up to eighty, because work for them is an interesting, easy task. They say: “I only entered the profession by the age of fifty.” When they choose to do so, their retirement should be linked to an increase in pension the later they retire. A motivation system should work so that such people are not in a hurry with a well-deserved rest.

For all this, it is necessary to finally complete the pension reform in an understandable way – guaranteeing people good prospects. But at the same time, at least five to seven years must pass for the society to be convinced of the efficiency of the new pension system. And now we are in a state of permanent reform. Started in 2002, it never ends.

Today’s forty-year-old citizens live in a state of constant change in the rules of the game. The authorities say: play by our rules – and they are constantly changing. Either they promise a funded system, or they cancel it. People understand that it’s better not to sit down for such a “card game” – we don’t go along with cheaters. Some people rely on themselves and decide to buy real estate instead of relying on a government pension. You, they say, first complete your pension reform. And where is the guarantee that it will end at all? We constantly hear about more and more new problems.

Our liberals will gladly raise the retirement age, and then these same people will call for the Maidan against the “bloody regime.” All this is not very suitable for society to trust the pension system…

Yes, it is necessary to bring gray employment out of the shadows, to cancel the tax threshold. Any further increase in the retirement age is fraught with bad consequences for the government. Now the time has come to increase pensions, to expand the opportunities for early retirement for a well-deserved rest, for flexible, part-time employment.

And in the coming year, as part of the pension reform in Russia, the retirement age will slightly increase as part of its gradual increase. The State Duma has instead already rejected bills regarding the return of the original retirement age. The documents were submitted by the parties “Fair Russia” and the Communist Party.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development Yury Krupnov believes that the current financial, budgetary and personnel problems that the country is experiencing are absolutely not related to the retirement age:

– The issue of raising the retirement age to supposedly solve demographic problems is elementary inadequacy. The problems lie in a completely different plane. In particular, they say all the time that we have a personnel shortage. We need to talk not about him, but about unsatisfactory wages and a shortage of highly qualified jobs.
It is bewildering when the Prime Minister publicly complains in an interview that Russian citizens do not want to work twelve hours at a construction site in the mud and live in trailers. Yes, they don’t want to – after all, this is a violation of the Labor Code.

We need reindustrialization to create jobs. We have a maximum of only a third of all jobs that meet the standard in terms of wages and official registration. Approximately fifty million people employed in the economy are in inadequate, inadequate employment.

Instead of creating a huge number of jobs that will give taxes to the budget and people will be able to live a full life, the authorities are solving the problem with a primitive method of raising the retirement age. So the social situation is not stabilized.

Increasing the birth rate is not decided in a week. It’s a matter of decades. Twenty years ago, I shouted about it, they told me that “it is necessary to decide now.” But twenty years later, the situation worsened even more. Finally, we need to get serious about demography, which means placing our bets on a large family. We need a cult of a large family and make people happy – then three to four children per family will become the norm, and this will stabilize the demographic situation.

I would like to tell the authorities: engage in reindustrialization, create an excess number of highly qualified jobs with decent wages. But they are instead engaged in the “cure” of the headache by sawing it off …

So the pension problem is far from being resolved, but rather postponed. It is not clear how the Pension Fund will continue to be filled, at what expense. They increased the retirement age, leveled the situation for a while, but still, the number of pensioners is growing every year, and our birth rate is not very good. A further increase in the retirement age, knowing the policy of the authorities, looks quite likely.

And then the Ministry of Health announces a sharp increase in life expectancy to 78 years for women and up to 68 for men. Strange – it seems that the census was recognized as conducted not satisfactorily. Where do these numbers come from? And despite this longevity in 2035, the population of the country will decrease by 1.7 million people, and the number of able-bodied citizens by as much as 5.4 million. The number of economically active population will decrease. The previous increase in the retirement age does not count. Let’s step on the old rake.

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