Feb 16, 2021
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The results of the DNA test of the alleged illegitimate daughter of the deceased Andrei Krasko became known

22:56, 16.02.2021

The examination did not confirm the relationship between the deceased actor and the girl.

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Last month a resident of St. Petersburg Anna Bystrova statedRaising the late actor’s illegitimate daughter Andrey Krasko… According to the alleged former lover of the star, the girl was born in 2005, but the artist did not know about the existence of the child. Anna visited the show studios today “Let them talk” and on the air of the program talked about her relationship with Krasko.

According to Bystrova, they began to communicate with Andrey at the beginning of the 2000s. According to Anna, Krasko did not introduce her to anyone from his entourage. “He came for the weekend, we went for a walk, then he left,” the woman shared. Bystrova found out about her pregnancy by accident when she got to the hospital after a small accident. Anna’s 15-year-old daughter also appeared in the show studio. Lisa… The girl admitted that she does not want to know if the famous actor is her biological father.

Andrey Krasko

Interestingly, Andrei’s father Ivan Krasko did not rule out that his late son may actually have illegitimate children. As Krasko Sr. said, his relative had a rich personal life. Also, the parent of the actor admitted that he would only be glad if he turns out to be Lisa’s grandfather. But the official son of Andrey Yan, who also spoke out on the air “Let them talk,” on the contrary, stated that his father could not have had novels in the early 2000s. According to Krasko’s son, the actor’s shooting schedule at that time was too tight.

In order to find out whether Lisa is a close relative of the deceased Andrei Krasko, the actor’s alleged daughter and his father donated their biomaterial for analysis. With the help of a DNA test, it was possible to establish that Lisa and Ivan Ivanovich with a probability of 98.08% are not relatives. These results formed a girl – all her life Lisa was raised by her father, whom she loves very much.

Andrey Krasko in the movie “Hide and seek”

Recall that Andrei Krasko passed away at the peak of his popularity. The death of the actor at the 49th year of life came as a surprise to many. The star’s heart stopped in 2006. On air show “The fate of man” Andrei’s father said that alcohol was to blame for the death of his son. In 2010, Channel One released the documentary “My son – Andrei Krasko”. This project was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of Ivan Ivanovich. In his interview for “Around TV” Krasko Sr. admitted that in the situation with his eldest son he was ready for the worst. According to Ivan Ivanovich, the presentiment of trouble did not leave him even before Andrei’s death.

“All the time I told him: Andryukha, one day they won’t take you out in intensive care, keep in mind!” – shared Krasko. The actor’s father also spoke about his last meeting with his son at the Moscow Film Festival a week before Andrei’s death. Ivan Ivanovich noted that his relative recovered noticeably. Moreover, according to Krasko Sr., the fullness was obviously unhealthy. “The body could no longer cope with the stress. And the loads were good, ”Ivan Ivanovich said. Also, the parent of the deceased star added that Andrei still remains alive for him. Krasko admitted that he often talks with his deceased son.

Ivan Krasko with his younger sons

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