Jan 26, 2021
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“The result is convincing.” What does Hungary write about the Sputnik V vaccine?

Hungary was the first of the EU countries to decide to inoculate the population with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. learned that they were writing about this in local media and social networks.

Hungary will receive two million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. The country decided not to wait for approval and centralized procurement of vaccines by the European Union, as they believe that there is no time to waste in a pandemic. Last Thursday Head of the Prime Minister’s Administration Gergei Gulyas at a press conference criticized the “frustratingly slow delivery of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine” and the delays in approval of the vaccine from Astra Zeneca. Gulyas said the country would have to obtain vaccines from alternative sources. In addition to Russia, Hungary is negotiating purchases with China. The official stressed that Hungary wants to receive drugs with which millions of people have already been vaccinated and which are found to be safe and effective.

Support from Merkel

Hungary took advantage of a special provision that allows EU countries in the event of an emergency not to wait for the approval of the European regulator, but to negotiate with suppliers on their own. The European Commission was opposed at first. Officials said the procurement of drugs not approved by the European Medical Agency (EMA) could undermine confidence in vaccinations. But on Friday they confirmed Hungary’s right to purchase Sputnik V under the country’s responsibility. This could create a precedent that other EU members will repeat. There really is a problem: according to Bloomberg, 20-30% of residents are already vaccinated in Israel and the UAE, while the EU average coverage is currently 1.51%.

In its turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested To Vladimir Putin support of the procedure for approval of the Russian vaccine in the EMA. Merkel noted that the Paul Ehrlich Institute can help Russians with medical documentation. When asked about Germany’s interest in Sputink V, Merkel replied that “this is a good thing.”

Director General of the National Institute for Medicines, Food and Sanitation (OÉGYI) Mathias Sentivagni the media reported that the licensing stage for Sputnik V in Hungary was completed in two months, although this is usually a longer process. “This is an amazing result,” said Sentivagni, adding that the institute’s experts “found the vaccine convincing.”

“Any vaccine is better than infection”

Hungarian journalist Gergey Niilas in his article he is concerned about whether Moscow will be able to provide Hungary with the required number of doses, given that vaccinations in Russia are progressing more slowly than planned. “The main question now is where to get enough material?” – the journalist writes.

At the same time, he notes an important advantage of the vaccine: “In any case, it seems that the transportation of Sputnik V is easier than with Pfizer-BioNTech, which in the long term must be stored at minus 70 degrees. The Russian Ministry of Health has officially approved the storage of the Sputnik V vaccine at temperatures ranging from 2 to 8 degrees, which will greatly facilitate its transportation. ”

Journalist David Derxeny writes that OGYÉI has approved the AstraZeneca and Sputnik V vaccines: “Both vaccines are modern, recombinant, based on a viral vector.” In the article, Derksenyi talks about the difficulties of long-term approval of drugs from the European Medical Agency. “However, the economy is suffering more and more from closures, and the economic and mental health of the population is deteriorating (the movement of civil disobedience is emerging in more and more countries). All this can lead to a drop in the popularity of the ruling parties. And the sooner more people are vaccinated, the sooner normal order will be restored in the economy and society. “

In the article journalist Anna Dano asks: what happened to the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine in Hungary and why was its approval so fast? Here, the author gives an answer from OGYÉI: the regulator received intermediate data from Russia on the third phase of testing and found them convincing. At the same time, the journalist notes that “many consider it an effective tool to contain the epidemic.”

“Any vaccine is better than coronavirus infection,” the author of the word cites former chief physician Ferenc Falus… “The Russian adenovirus vaccine is probably a good drug, but elderly and chronic patients should be vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine made using more modern technologies.”

“Now you can relax”

In Hungarian social networks, the news about the procurement of the Russian vaccine was greeted calmly. Many say that they still lack knowledge about Sputnik V. In the context of the news, users often discuss the unavailability of vaccinations and problems with the supply of the American drug.

“Now we can relax,” Twitter user laci_bacsi commented on the news.

“Is the Hungarian people so special that the vaccine that hundreds of thousands of Russians are vaccinated with is not suitable? And what about the Germans, who also line up behind her? Aren’t they special? Is it good for them too? I wouldn’t be so sure about the Pfizer vaccine, I think we will hear more about it! ” – writes Twitter user ErnestNms.

“The Hungarian people, like any other people in the world, need a safe vaccine. The fundamental principle of the medical profession is Primum non nocere: First, do no harm! ” – JudithVince1 answers him.

“I always ask: have you REALLY heard of the scandal that happened a week ago during the licensing of Pfizer and Moderna in the EU ?! How did they put political pressure on the EMA despite serious gaps in the original expert report ?? !! ” – writes on Facebook under the post about the Russian vaccine Tamara Miczki.

“EMA is not God himself. The country can decide for itself whether to use this medicine, obviously, only on its territory, or not. What I meant was that even those who oppose testing the Russian vaccine are saying the same thing that Merkel is now saying when it is initiated at the EU level. The Germans have never been afraid of the Russians on important issues, ”said user Fedor Quastic.

“The liberal elite will secretly receive the Pfizer vaccine, and people will bury their dead. Fortunately, Merkel realized that without a Russian vaccine, half of Europe would die out. On January 14, Biden announced that millions of Americans would be vaccinated, while Pfizer announced on the same day that there would be supply disruptions, that is, in the EU, ”writes a user under the nickname Türelem on the same website.

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