Feb 21, 2021
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The representative of the family of Andrey Myagkov denied rumors that the artist’s widow is in distress

13:59, 02/21/2021

77-year-old Anastasia Voznesenskaya is now supported by her nephews.

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Farewell to Andrey Myagkov took place in Moscow last Saturday. In the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov was visited not only by fans of the artist, but also by his colleagues who wanted to spend the legend of Russian cinema on his last journey. However, the widow of Andrei Vasilyevich Anastasia Voznesenskaya did not appear at the civil funeral. You can watch the online broadcast “Around TV” from the scene here.

It was rumored that Voznesenskaya had health problems. The artists mentioned this during their farewell to Myagkov. At the same time, there were rumors about the plight of the widow of Andrei Vasilyevich. However, the representative of the star family was very outraged by these speculations.

Anastasia Voznesenskaya

“We respect the position of Andrey Vasilyevich and Anastasia Valentinovna and do not comment on anything. But now too much incorrect information has emerged. Voznesenskaya did not attend the public farewell for health reasons. She does not need anything and is outraged by rumors of poverty – everything is there, the pension is good. The widow is by no means alone, there is no need to listen to strangers, neighbors, next to her there is a family – nephews, “KP quotes a representative of Myagkov and Voznesenskaya.

Recall that Myagkov and Voznesenskaya really had many relatives. At the same time, for more than 50 years of living together, the artists never got their own children. The future spouses met while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. None of the actors’ entourage knew about their romance. Only when Myagkov and Voznesenskaya officially registered their relationship, everyone learned about their relationship. Moreover, they were even able to get a room in a student dormitory thanks to their newlywed status.

Myagkov and Voznesenskaya were together all their lives. After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School, they got a job at Sovremennik. After some time, the couple joined the Moscow Art Theater troupe. The celebrity couple devoted all their free time to work. Due to the tight schedule and constant filming, the personal life of Andrei Vasilyevich and Anastasia Valentinovna faded into the background. Myagkov said that it was for this reason that he and his wife never became parents.

Barbara Brylska and Andrey Myagkov in the film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”

Recall that Andrei Myagkov died on February 18 in the arms of Anastasia Voznesenskaya. It was the actor’s wife who found him lying unconscious. Anastasia Valentinovna immediately called an ambulance. However, the doctors who arrived at the apartment had only to diagnose the death of Andrei Vasilyevich. According to official data, Myagkov died due to acute heart failure. He was 82 years old.

Myagkov has not been filmed anywhere for a long time. The last picture with his participation was released on small screens in 2008. However, Andrei Vasilyevich is still known and loved by such films as “Cruel Romance”, “Garage”, “Office Romance” and other works. In total, Andrey Myagkov’s filmography includes more than 50 works. Note that the first success came to the artist after he starred in the film by Ivan Pyriev “The Brothers Karamozov”.

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