Oct 15, 2020
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The representative of Tarzan’s mistress said that she could not become a surrogate mother of the child Natasha Koroleva

17:11, 14.10.2020

Earlier, the singer said that the actress offered her services to Sergei Glushko.

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The family of Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko, who is better known as Tarzan, has been going through a scandal for a month now. The singer first went to the police, claiming that her cottage had been robbed. Under suspicion were two women who came to Tarzan's house during the absence of his wife. The Queen said that the guests stole jewelry worth a total of five million rubles. Later it turned out that one of the suspects, 28-year-old Anastasia Shulzhenko, is Glushko's mistress. Tarzan confessed to a love affair with the actress.

It is worth noting that Natasha Koroleva does not plan to divorce Sergei Glushko, she supports her husband in every possible way and even says that she does not consider his act to be treason. Also, the star decided to tell exactly how her husband met Shulzhenko. The Queen found out that Anastasia approached her husband after one of the speeches and offered the services of a surrogate mother, allegedly she was ready to bear a child for the Queen and Glushko. Moreover, Natasha claims that at her suggestion Shulzhenko met with Tarzan in their apartment.

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko

Today it became known that the version with surrogacy could not be implemented. The fact is that a surrogate is possible only if the woman has already become a mother before. And the representative of Anastasia Diana Bicharova stated that Shulzhenko had never given birth to a child. “They would at least have studied the legislation before making such statements. This is legally illiterate! In our country, a woman can become a surrogate mother only if she has her own healthy child, and Nastya is nulliparous. In addition, conception does not take place in the bedroom, but in a special clinic - how else could she use someone else's egg? I'm wondering who comes up with all this? PR man "Failure of the Year?" - said the representative of Shulzhenko.

We add that, according to the representative of Shulzhenko, Anastasia is now in the hospital: she comes to her senses after meeting with Tarzan, which for her ended with a traumatic brain injury. Also in the near future, the actress will have an eye operation. Diana Bicharova said that now Shulzhenko does not see, and her assistants write messages on her microblog on Instagram. “Initially, we filed an application for light bodily harm by Mr. Glushko, but now we will seek to re-qualify the article as grave,” Anastasia's representative told the KP edition. In addition to a statement to the police, the offended mistress is preparing a lawsuit to defend her honor and dignity.

Anastasia said that Sergei pushed her with such force that when she fell, she received a head injury

Recall that on September 19, Tarzan addressed a number of media outlets with a statement. The spouse of Natasha Koroleva said that he publicly admitted to cheating on his microblog on Instagram, because he knew in advance that Channel One was preparing a scandalous program about his personal life. Tarzan stressed that he wanted fans to get all the information first-hand. Glushko also said that Shulzhenko and her friend had already signed a contract to participate in a number of programs on Channel One.

Sergey published in the Stories section the official requirements for Channel One, NTV and a number of other media outlets. According to the documents, Tarzan and the Queen demand that all materials on the scandal be removed immediately. The appeal also states that the Glushko family prohibits the media from interfering with their privacy and disseminating information without the consent of the star couple.

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