Oct 13, 2020
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The representative of 86-year-old Mikhail Zhvanetsky has denied information about the departure of the satirist from the stage

14:52, 13.10.

The artist has temporarily suspended concert activities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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On September 8, it became known that the satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky was leaving the stage. This was stated by his representative Oleg Stashkevich... He said that the artist needs to be able to leave the stage in time, noting that Mikhail Mikhailovich is losing his working capacity. Because of Stashkevich's statement, rumors reappeared that the satirist had serious health problems.

However, today Stashkevich explained that he had specifically announced Zhvanetsky's departure from the stage so that journalists would no longer be interested in the reason for the cancellation of the concerts. According to the representative of the satirist, the only reason to stop touring was the coronavirus pandemic. Oleg Stashkevich said that he could not yet talk about the future plans of the humorist due to the fact that he did not know when the unfavorable situation in the world would end. Now Mikhail Mikhailovich observes a strict regime of self-isolation, because the 86-year-old writer is at risk.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

“What can we talk about now? Now there is a pandemic. What concerts can there be? All concerts have now been canceled. I told all interviewers to stop jerking me and Mikhail Mikhailovich. There can be no talk of this now. What to talk about, what kind of going on stage? All concerts have been canceled this year, all concerts starting in March. They were canceled not by us, but by the pandemic. The situation is only getting worse. Therefore, it is pointless to talk about it now. The situation is getting worse, we are in self-isolation. That's all I can say, ”said Oleg Stashkevich in a conversation with Channel Five.

Recall that in January 2020, a number of media outlets reported that Mikhail Zhvanetsky was suffering from oncology. According to sources, the satirist was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Allegedly, Mikhail Mikhailovich learned about his illness before the New Year. Journalists argued that the writer began to undergo treatment, and the doctors were confident of a favorable outcome.

However, the very next day after the publication of the news that Zhvanetsky is fighting cancer, the satirist himself hastened to refute this information. He stated that he did not suffer from cancer and that he was doing fine. Mikhail Mikhailovich expressed his bewilderment about the appearance of such speculations. Zhvanetsky's wife also said that the writer is regularly examined by specialized doctors for preventive purposes, because at such a solid age it is necessary to carefully monitor health.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky with his wife Natalia

We add that last year Mikhail Zhvanetsky also took breaks from his touring activities. Then the satirist received a hand injury that required surgery. As Oleg Stashkevich reported then, Mikhail Mikhailovich injured his hand twice. First, he received a fracture, and then the artist had a displacement. Stashkevich did not specify how Zhvanetsky broke his arm, but noted that the satirist was already ready for new concerts.

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