Sep 15, 2020
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The release date of the show “Sing without Rules” with Ilya Sobolev as the host has become known

12:26, ​​09/14/2020

As part of the project, viewers will see recitals of all the participating artists.

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A new musical and entertainment show with the participation of Russian performers "Sing without rules" starts on TNT. The producers of the project are Garik Martirosyan, Zurab Matua and Andrey Averin. Today, the creators have declassified the date of the premiere: the release of the program will take place on September 20 at 21:00.

As part of the Sing Without Rules show, viewers will see recitals of all the participating artists. The spectacle will be watched by a huge, noisy crowd of fans. Andrey Averin, Zurab Matua and Dmitry "Lyusyok" Sorokin will test the memory, diction, reaction, vocal and dancing abilities of the stars through various crazy tasks. Ilya Sobolev will be the host.

“Our artists yearned for concerts a lot, so we will return to them what the quarantine took away - royalties and plywood. Joke. We will return to them the unique atmosphere of a great holiday and with pleasure, together with millions of TNT viewers, we will attend their solo performance. In return, we will ask for nothing, a little self-irony, ”commented Andrey Averin.

A new show "Sing without rules" starts on TNT

At the center of each episode is one Russian pop star who will have to go through six crazy tests and finish her hit to the end. Will she be able to simultaneously sing and answer messages on the phone or get into the phonogram, which will suddenly speed up and slow down - the audience will find out very soon.

“They say that a talented person is talented in everything! So we'll check if it's all bikes? In fact, we are planning to just have a great time, fool around, laugh and sing along with the stars the greatest hits known to all. Although, jokes aside, the most serious prize is at stake. Solo concert on New Year's Eve on the federal channel! This is a real reward for a good artist. After such broadcasts, the tours will be scheduled for a couple of years in advance, ”said Zurab Matua.

Garik Martirosyan, in turn, said that the idea of ​​the show emerged back in 2016: “Zurab Matua, Andrey Averin and Dima Sorokin and I had a long-standing dream of combining humor and music into a competitive action. We went through many options, and after long experiments we came up with the idea of ​​the show "Sing without rules" - a show in which our favorite pop stars get a chance to express themselves not only in music, but also in other forms of art. The contests are arranged in such a way that the star is placed in difficult and uncomfortable conditions, in which the inner character of a person, his humor, reaction, body plasticity, and the ability to quickly respond to new circumstances are revealed. This gives rise to new emotions, which are interesting to follow. In any case, in our show, like at the Olympics, the main thing is not victory, but participation! "

The show will be hosted by Ilya Sobolev

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A new musical show "Sing without rules" starts on TNT

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