Jun 3, 2022
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The record holder with a large number of square tattoos added new squares to his skin

many square tattoosPeople who once got into the Guinness Book of Records often prove that they are not going to stop there.

many square tattoos

Any achievement can be improved and made even more impressive. The record holder Matt Gown is sure of this.

many square tattoos

In 2014, he held the world record for the most square tattoos. In total, there were 848 squares tattooed on his body.

many square tattoos

However, Matt again came to the attention of representatives of the Guinness Book of Records, because from the moment he received the certificate, he managed to add new squares (about 20 or 30) to the skin.

many square tattoos

In addition, the man paid tribute to his record, which he is very proud of – he tattooed the logo of the Guinness Book of Records on his leg.

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