Feb 24, 2021
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The record holder raised three huge turnips at once

record huge turnipsDamien Allard is a cabinetmaker by profession, but now many call him nothing more than a specialist in monstrous vegetables.

record huge turnips

The fact is that a resident of Quebec (Canada), during the last year working in his garden, managed to grow three huge turnips at once.

record huge turnips

The first fetus weighs 22.9 kilograms, the second 24.4 kilograms, and the third 29.00 kilograms.

record huge turnips

Considering the fact that the world record was previously held by a turnip weighing 17.7 kilograms, Damien’s name has now officially entered the Guinness Book of Records.

record huge turnips

Of course, the man is very proud, only now he has to cook and eat a lot of turnip dishes.

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