Jan 23, 2021
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The recipe for potatoes and cheese has suppressed the appetite of many people

recipe for potatoes with cheeseThe self-proclaimed chef, who shares his recipes on the Internet, has shocked gourmets with another delicacy.

recipe for potatoes with cheese

The man poured water and vinegar into a frying pan, and then poured chips into it. To add drama to the spectacle, he threw the soaked chips in a colander and tasted the remaining “juice” with visible pleasure – and this alone made many feel a little nauseous.

recipe for potatoes with cheese

Further, cheese and paprika were added to the mass obtained from the chips. Thus, we got a strange cheese potato, which the chef used, noting that it was very tasty.

recipe for potatoes with cheese

Many users, who lost their appetite at the sight of such an exotic culinary delight, said that such videos should be recognized as illegal and prohibited.

recipe for potatoes with cheese

True, there were people who admitted that they were very ashamed, but they, perhaps, would have tasted such a potato.


branded cheese mashed potatoes

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