Sep 17, 2020
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The recall of the Russian security officials from the borders with Belarus was explained: Lukashenka is not going to keep in power

On Monday, September 14, Russia began to remove the reserve of security forces on the border with Belarus. This step indicates that they are not going to keep Alexander Lukashenko in power, said Arseniy Sivitsky, head of the Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies.

At the end of August, the Russian President announced the creation of a reserve of law enforcement officers to help Belarus suppress the protests. Then Vladimir Putin clarified that he did it at the personal request of Alexander Lukashenko. The military had to come to the aid of the authorities of the republic if the situation got out of control.

According to Arseny Sivitsky, the statement on the formation of a group of Russian security officials was addressed to Western countries. In fact, Putin wanted to show his European colleagues that any interference in the affairs of Belarus is unacceptable, reports the Belorussky Partizan newspaper.

After a while, it became known about the withdrawal of the power reserve from the border with Belarus. This indicates that the Kremlin has revised its position on the protests, the expert said. If earlier Moscow saw the main evil in the West, now it is Lukashenka who is seen as the source of the political crisis in the republic.

"The recall of the military indicates that the Kremlin is preparing to organize the transit of power from Alexander Lukashenko to the opposition," Sivitsky said.

Let us remind you that in mid-August, the main opponent of the incumbent Belarusian president, Svetlana Tikhanovich, announced the creation of the Opposition Coordination Council. The purpose of the committee is to organize new presidential elections. A criminal case was opened against the council members. Alexander Lukashenko accused them of trying to seize power.

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