Sep 12, 2020
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The reason for Russia’s forgiveness of Lukashenka named

The riots in Belarus, which began after the presidential elections in the country, made many think that the days of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidency were numbered. However, now some experts increasingly notice that the politician is viewed from Moscow with condescension and even encouragement.

In his author's column, journalist Mikhail Shevchuk spoke about why, in his opinion, Moscow seems to have forgiven Alexander Lukashenko's anti-Russian attacks and, apparently, is going to provide him with all possible support in the future. Economic arguments are mixed up.

The journalist believes that certain forces in Russia are counting on taking part in the privatization of Belarusian enterprises, which until that time had happily managed to avoid privatization.

However, as Mikhail Shevchuk reminds, Alexander Lukashenko has already repeatedly hinted at the possibility of privatizing national enterprises in exchange for this or that assistance. However, each time the President of Belarus got what he wanted, he did not fulfill his part of this secret deal.

Perhaps, the expert believes, those wishing to get the Belarusian assets believe that the presence of Alexander Lukashenko in power is the main requirement for participation in the subsequent privatization. However, the opposite scenario is also likely - while he is in the presidential chair, all attempts of Russian business to gain a foothold in this country are doomed to failure.

Summarizing the thought of Mikhail Shevchuk, we can say that the Russian side, apparently, has again forgiven Alexander Lukashenko and is even ready to provide him with this or that support in exchange for promises of cooperation in the future. Time will tell whether the words of the President of Belarus will translate into concrete actions or, as before, will remain only declarations of intent.

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