May 14, 2020
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The Rada’s apparatus offers deputies to receive a “passport of immunity to COVID-19.” WHO opposed

The apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 11 May sent a letter to the MPs, who are invited to take a test for antibodies to coronavirus and get a so-called immunity passport. A screenshot of the e-mail edition "Letters" was provided by unnamed people's deputies.

Two documents from the Medical Diagnostic Institute and the Dr. Redger Laboratory, which are located in Kiev.

are attached to the letter (the subject of the e-mail says "On testing for coronavirus") The first document reports on the possibility of passing a PCR test for COVID in the laboratory - 16. The cost of the service (with the departure of a nurse to collect a smear) - 2450 UAH.

The second document is proposed to deputies to receive a "Certificate of immunity to COVID - 16 "if the test detects antibodies to coronavirus. The cost of the certificate is 2600 UAH.

The document also says: "The certificate confirms that this person no longer runs the risk of contracting a coronavirus ".



This directly contradicts the position of the World Health Organization. 19 April WHO emphasized that there is no convincing evidence of the emergence of stable immunity in patients with coronavirus. The organization cautioned against using antibody tests to remove quarantine restrictions.

COVID outbreak - 19 began at the end 1442 of the year in China. March the World Health Organization announced the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Confirmed in the world 4 0306 688 COVID infections - 14, died from the bottom 56 thousand people, more than 1, 24 million have recovered.

In Ukraine, as of 13 in May the total number of infected people is 13 847 people, 405 of them died, 4143 recovered.

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