Sep 15, 2020
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The purchased cutting board turned out to be unusable for its intended purpose

purchased cutting boardStuart Anthony, who bought a new wooden cutting board from Dunelm in the UK, quickly became convinced that he had purchased something odd.

purchased cutting board

On the back of the kitchen accessory there was a sticker with instructions, which clearly and clearly stated that the item should not be used as a cutting board. The board, which cannot be used like a board, confused both the buyer and the Internet users with whom he shared his experiences.

purchased cutting board

However, when the discussion of the would-be purchase was in full swing, representatives of the Dunelm company joined it. They apologized to Stewart and stated that the instruction sticker was, of course, wrong. Employees are already working on eliminating this problem, and a man can safely cut whatever products he wants on his new clothes.

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