Jul 31, 2020
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The publisher of two British newspapers Yevgeny Lebedev will become a lifelong peer and enter the House of Parliament

Russian entrepreneur and owner of Lebedev Holdings Evgeny Lebedev will become Lord for Life and will enter the upper house of the British Parliament. His candidacy was recommended by the current prime minister of the country Boris Johnson.

The new list of members of the House of Lords, which included 35 more people, including the younger brother of the Prime Minister Joe Johnson, former Treasury Ministers Philip Hammond and Ken Clark, and the husband of ex-Prime Minister Theresa May Philip, was approved by Queen Elizabeth II. The chamber now has 773 members.

Lebedev will become a member of an independent party and will not represent any particular political force. It is noted that he is on good terms with Johnson.

According to TASS, citing the press service of the House of Lords, the new peers will enter parliament from September after the end of the summer holidays.

Lebedev Holdings publishes two well-known British newspapers – The Independent and the Evening Standard. The businessman’s father, Alexander Lebedev, acquired the publications in 2009–2010 for a symbolic one pound sterling.

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