Sep 9, 2022
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The pub with two ghosts has been put up for sale

pub with two ghosts for saleFor centuries, taverns have been vital stops for weary travelers.

pub with two ghosts for sale

Over time, many of these taverns were transformed into pubs where anyone could relax, drink and eat. One such pub, the Black Lion Inn in Babell, Flintshire, Wales, was an inn back in the 13th century. Only now it is closed, and the owners of the establishment, having converted it, put the building up for sale.

pub with two ghosts for sale

Jane Forking-Russell, co-owner of the Black Lion Inn, said potential buyers should be aware of the pub’s paranormal twist. Two ghosts live there. One of them roams the premises in an iron mask, but does not cause damage, preferring to just make noise, making mysterious knocks and screams. The second ghost is more annoying, as this otherworldly figure loves to knock things off shelves and move them, and once a ghost poked Jane in the back. However, if there is a person who is not afraid of paranormal horror stories, he can spend 375,000 pounds and buy a building. It is not necessary to open a new pub at all. The property can easily be divided into several living spaces or turned into a single five-bedroom dwelling.

The authors of the video with ghosts will have to answer for their creativity

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