Sep 14, 2020
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The proposal to deprive the co-payments of doctors not vaccinated against COVID-19 disappeared from the website of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Health

We are talking about the analytical report of the Central Research Institute of Organization and Informatization of Healthcare (TSNIIOHI) of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation "Measures of state support for persons associated with the treatment of COVID-19." The document linked the payment of incentive funds to vaccination. The leadership of the institute hastened to disown the document, stating that it was not about the official position of the department.

Vladimir Mkrtchyan

"In our opinion, it is necessary to establish a condition for receiving certain measures of social support for medical workers to receive vaccination against COVID-19," - said in a document published today, September 14. Soon the report "disappeared" from the site.

Today, the Ministry of Health reacted to the resonant initiative, recalling that vaccination of Russians against coronavirus is voluntary. “Some experts express different opinions on important aspects of public health protection. The Ministry of Health, of course, carefully studies all the experts' proposals, nevertheless adhering to the principle of voluntary vaccination, ”said Aleksey Kuznetsov, Assistant Minister of Health of Russia.

According to the Vademecum portal, Olga Kobyakova, director of the TsNIIOIZ, also commented on the incident. “To defeat the coronavirus infection, an active information campaign is needed to explain the need for mass vaccination. At the same time, various expert opinions are expressed, one of them is about the need to establish conditions in the form of receiving certain measures of social support for medical workers through their vaccination against COVID-19, ”Kobyakova said, stressing that the opinion of individual experts is not the official position of the Central Research Institute of Health.

In accordance with the draft budget of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (FFOMS), for 2021, 160 billion rubles have been allocated for incentive payments to physicians providing assistance to those infected with COVID-19.

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