Sep 6, 2021
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The promotion of homosexuality among children began

The public did not have time to spit after the announcements of the “rebooted” animated series “Chip and Dale”, the heroes of which lost the gallant speeches that we remembered from the 90s and turned into a suspicious “genderqueer” couple, when a new monster from one of the world leaders in the production of video production appeared on the scene … Having delighted the Russian viewer with the release of an updated version of “Anna Karenina”, the platform went all out, deciding to offer the country of traditions purely non-traditional content.

The main character of the series openly calls himself “homosexual” – this word did not escape the official Russian translation. Without hesitation, the company inserted it directly into the cartoon’s announcement, in the scene of the release of the hero from the “academy”. This theme, of course, will become central in all subsequent episodes – all the traditional Hollywood script sweets, tricks, moves and dramas will be strung on it, like on a skewer.

Well, we think, because our fortress has strong walls, and the enemy will not pass?

Fig leaf and the fifth “cultural” column

The ability of the National Media Group, which at the end of 2020 became a Russian partner of Netflix, to moderate the work of the “older comrades” does not inspire optimism. Immediately after the conclusion of the partnership, the director general of NMG at that time, Olga Paskina, said that she did not see an opportunity to censor their content. In response to Kommersant’s question about the authority to filter Netflix, taking into account Russian realities, she answered unequivocally:

If you want to ask if we will censor the content – no, we will not, this is a global service.

The author of this comment is no longer the CEO, but it is not yet visible that the company’s policy has changed. The question arises, does the NMG management follow the work of their managers? Does it know which product is being introduced into the Russian cultural field on its behalf?

The public has the right to wait for public comments on the circumstances of the appearance of this “masterpiece” in Russian. In addition, Constantinople sent an official request to NMG with a request to clarify the situation.

The creators of the series have set a qualification of 18+. However, the teasers of the series are already in the public domain – in fact, the census is nothing more than a fig leaf.

All this despite the fact that the propaganda of perversion in Russia is officially prohibited. In June 2013, the State Duma supplemented the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation with Article 6.21, which establishes responsibility for “promoting non-traditional sexual relations among minors.” However, the maximum punishment under this article for legal entities is a fine of up to one million rubles or an administrative suspension of activities for up to ninety days. Roskomnadzor can apply such a sanction to violators.

This is an example of the proliferation of non-traditional sexual relations. And, of course, this can have a negative impact on the psyche of minors. Despite the 18+ limit, it’s easy to guess that any curious teenager who knows all the tricks a hundred times better than we can easily download this, and it will all spread. In addition, there are no obvious and visible barriers to the preservation and dissemination of this information,

– says the lawyer Alisher Zakhidov.

Are NMG and Netflix not afraid of such sanctions? Or do they expect that an attempt to use them will cause such a hype, which in any case will pay off handsomely?

But that’s not all the oddities.

It is a great surprise that all this has already been voiced by Russian artists. How it is? The people who did this, they knew beforehand that they were doing illegal things, illegal things, that this was the real spread of homopropaganda, unconventional sexual relations. This is very surprising and certainly deserves a law enforcement check in relation to those artists whose voices were used,

– says the lawyer Zakhidov.

Fighting sodomites climb into Overton’s windows

Today Russia is one of the few countries in the Christian world that preserves traditional family values. Despite the fact that over the past century, and among Russians, they have largely shaken, the attitude towards sexual perversion in our country is mostly negative. But do not delude yourself: healthy homophobic views are inherent mainly in the middle and older generations. In the youth environment, “not everything is so simple” for a long time, and among adolescents, sodomite propaganda is doing its job.

It is enough to look at Russian-speaking teenage publics, and it becomes clear that homosexuality for older schoolchildren, brought up in many respects in, alas, the Western culture prevailing in Russia is by no means what most of their parents imagine. Perverts for them are not so much decorated roosters with peacock feathers in the back passages, but strong athletic guys hugging and kissing, “challenging” both the “obscurantist” parents and the entire “system” they hate, personified by the Russian State and the Russian Church. , President and Patriarch …

– notes the head of the ideological department of the First Russian TV channel “Tsargrad” Mikhail Tyurenkov.

It is through such “heroic” images of “fighting sodomites” that our children open the notorious “Overton windows” through which the left-liberal perverted lobby will be able to broadcast any of its ideas and anti-values ​​in the future. That is why the animated series about homosexual superheroes is not just a single fact of sodomite propaganda, but part of a strategically verified and carefully prepared information war against our country and its future.

War against life

The stormy propaganda of the destruction of gender identity and the perversions that follow from it, which began in recent years in the West, has an obvious goal – the disappearance of the traditional family, the transformation of a person into a psychopath who is not sure of anything, who is so convenient to manipulate corporations. In the case of Russia, the question is posed even more harshly – we must die.

One can see persistent, massive, very professionally made propaganda of perversions aimed at children and adults. Each time you encounter it, you need to remember: this is not an isolated case, not a separate departure from the norm. This is part of a strategy to exterminate the people. By the way, not only Russian. The propaganda of perversion has a very specific goal (which is not hidden by such figures as Bill Gates, for example), and this goal is to reduce the birth rate. That is, extinction,

– thinks the political observer Andrei Perla.

So what?

Much remains to be understood. Why this particular series was awarded not the usual subtitles for “Netflix”, but a full-fledged voice acting – who made this decision and what justified it. It would be nice to look into the eyes of the dubbing actors and hear from them the answer to the question why they sang enemy songs with their voices, for which thirty pieces of silver they decided to help poison the souls and heads of our children with fashionable poison.

But the problem is different. The Russians seem to be starting to lose the civilizational and cultural war in which people are not taken prisoner, but burned out of their brains, depriving themselves of understanding of themselves and the will to live. To respond to the creativity of homopropagandists with easily circumvented prohibitions is an insufficient solution, which, what good, will still make a forbidden fruit out of their “creativity”.

It is necessary to beat the enemy with his own weapon. Constantinople invites the scriptwriters to fulfill the dream of the protagonist and still send him to Moscow. Where the story of this super brigade naturally ends.

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