Jan 26, 2021
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The professor revealed "trap" Navalny: What can the protesters get into?

Elena Veduta uncovered the “trap” of Alexei Navalny. She explained what the protesters might end up getting into. At the same time, the Moscow State University professor, like the political scientist Georgy Fedorov, spoke out against any reprisals against demonstrators who were not involved in provocations and violence.

Experts, in an interview with the correspondents of the Tsargrad channel, expressed their views on possible sanctions against those persons who took part in the unauthorized protests on 23 January.

Political analyst Georgy Fedorov believes that, for example, young people who take to the streets cannot be punished. Provided that they were in a peaceful mood, did not create provocations and did not go over to direct violence.

People have the right to express their position, by the way, this is what Russian President Vladimir Putin is talking about. As for the people who attacked the police or behaved in some way provocatively, you must first find out who they are and for what reasons they acted this way. Accordingly, they must answer within the framework of the law of the Russian Federation. But I have a negative attitude to the repressions associated, for example, with expulsion from institutions: a person could come to the rally for various reasons. He could just be a passer-by and accidentally get caught on camera. Many came not for political reasons, but with some kind of social or other demands of their own, – said the interlocutor of the First Russian.

Elena Veduta, a professor at Moscow State University, expressed a similar position. At the same time, she expressed confidence that none of her students went to illegal demonstrations.

Why didn’t you come? Because these rallies are about nothing. There are serious tasks in economic planning. But Navalny is not going to decide anything in this area. On the dissatisfaction of many people with their financial situation, he seeks to take a high place. This means that he will make our life worse than today. My guys understand this very well, and Navalny does not command respect for them. These color revolutions end with an even greater impoverishment of countries, people only get worse. The stake is placed on the very young, who understand little. And wise people, of course, will not go after those who have prepared a trap, Veduta summed up.


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