Oct 31, 2021
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The problems of demarcation of the borders of Armenia are still not resolved

Iran together with Armenia will defend Syunik

Recently, the Armenian government has repeatedly declared its readiness to begin demarcation and delimitation of borders with Azerbaijan and Georgia. At the same time, the Prime Minister of Armenia Nicole Pashinyan admitted that until now it was not possible to come to a consensus on which maps to demarcate borders, which maps to take as a basis.

The current border of Armenia was outlined in 2010 and enshrined in the law “On administrative-territorial division”, but this border does not always correspond to reality, therefore, it was decided to use the maps of the Soviet Union for demarcation, and only those that have a legal basis.

“Our research shows that maps of different years are only reprints of each other, and we need to understand which map has a legal basis, because some maps have territorial differences. This is explained by the fact that sometimes the republics ceded pasture lands to equalize the border “,

– explained Nikol Pashinyan, speaking during the government hour in parliament.

According to him, the Azerbaijani military violated the border only in the Sotk-Khoznavar section, a certain status quo remains in the remaining sections. However, in this case, we are talking about the border of 2010, which was established without demarcation and delimitation, therefore, one cannot talk about its accuracy, especially in relation to the border with Georgia, where in some places it is impossible to say exactly where the border passes.

Nikol Pashinyan, in his speech in parliament, tried not to focus on the “hottest” section of the Armenian border – the Syunik region, the rights to which were repeatedly declared in Baku. Armenian Syunik is located at the junction of the borders of Armenia with Iran and Azerbaijan, separating the latter from its enclave in Nakhichevan. However, Syunik is not only an Armenian territory, it is also the only land border of Iran with the Eurasian Economic Union, said the director of the Armenian Center for American Studies. Suren Sargsyan

“Syunik is also the only way for the Islamic Republic to reach the Black Sea. If Iran loses its border with Armenia along Syunik, then it falls under the influence of NATO member Turkey. It is no coincidence that the Iranian army is standing at the border with Nakhichevan, in recent months it has significantly increased its military presence at the border. There are countries in the world that will be delighted if Iran loses its external borders. Tehran understands this, therefore it will defend Syunik together with Armenia, ”

– Suren Sargsyan is sure.

And the President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan reminded that border demarcation cannot be carried out without Russia’s participation. According to him, the Azerbaijani side is ready to use some kind of virtual maps for demarcation, while only Soviet maps can be fully trusted in the accuracy of the borders.

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