Sep 12, 2020
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The prisoner sued "Crosses" 10 thousand rubles for mice and cold in the cell

The Kolpinsky District Court of St. Petersburg partially satisfied the claim of convicted Roman Kuzmin to recover compensation for moral damage due to the conditions of detention in SIZO-1 Kresty, Interfax reports.

As the united press service of the city courts reported on Friday, 10 thousand rubles were collected in favor of the applicant, as well as the costs of paying 300 rubles of the state duty, the press release said. For what crime the plaintiff is serving a sentence, the press release does not specify.

Kuzmin went to court with a claim against SIZO-1 "Kresty", the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to recover compensation for moral damage in the amount of 600 thousand rubles. He was kept in the remand prison from December 5, 2015 to June 14, 2016, in the premises of the old "Kresty" on Arsenalnaya embankment.

The claim states that the following offenses were committed against the plaintiff: in a cell with an area of ​​8 sq. meters contained four people, the room was not ventilated, while Kuzmin's cellmates smoked. Kuzmin also complained about the lack of repairs in the cell; due to high humidity, mold and mildew formed on the walls and ceiling, paint, whitewash, plaster fell off; the floor was uncovered.

In addition, the toilet was not fenced off from the living area and was located a meter from the kitchen table; the cistern was missing, the plumbing was leaking. There was no hot water and no drinking water tank.

In addition, the lawsuit says that in cold weather the chamber was not heated, and ice formed on the walls. The detainees were practically not given time to wash. The bedding was in poor condition and did not change during the entire time Kuzmin was in the cell.

"The plaintiff points out that detention in the conditions described above caused him physical and mental suffering, infringed on his human dignity, while Kuzmin had a disease - bronchial asthma," the press release says.

Kuzmin did not appear at the hearing, since he is serving a sentence in a colony; was notified about the consideration of the case.

The representative of the pre-trial detention center objected to the satisfaction of the claim, believing the fact of infliction of moral harm to be unproven. The representative of the Ministry of Finance did not appear at the hearing, and was informed about the consideration of the case.

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