Sep 3, 2021
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The President urged bankers to share

The President urged bankers to share

Over the past six months, Russian banks have made a record profit of 1 trillion 200 billion rubles. The President urged financiers to share the profits and return the written-off social benefits to the Russians.

How did it happen that in the midst of the pandemic crisis, bankers literally bathe in banknotes? Profits of more than a trillion rubles in less than six months were fantastic even in the most prosperous times. This is twice as much as the same result in the first half of last year. And now the Central Bank predicts that by the end of the year bankers will earn a full 2 ​​trillion rubles.

Experts believe that the reason for this success was the fact that deposit rates were rather low for half a year. That is, banks have reduced the cost of servicing deposits. On the other hand, the population suddenly rushed to take loans. It was in the past 12 months that an unprecedented growth in retail lending was observed – it amounted to almost 22%. Accordingly, banks earned money on loans from citizens, as well as on business services.

The head of the analytical department of one of the banks, Maksim Osadchiy, explained what was happening in the following way: “The positive dynamics is connected with the fact that the interest expenses of banks on the funds of the population are decreasing. There is an outflow of the deposit and an increase in balances on current accounts. Accordingly, the interest expenses of banks are decreasing, which has a positive effect on their profits ”.

After the growth in retail lending was noted, the Central Bank raised the rate to 6.5%. Thus, the regulator wants to limit the irrepressible desire of citizens to borrow money. Prices are rising rapidly, the incomes of the same citizens are falling, and bankers are literally handing out money left and right. At the same time, not all citizens know from what means they will repay loans. The situation is almost critical: the Central Bank reported that in June Russians’ debt to banks reached their peak values ​​and reached 23.9 trillion rubles as of July 1, 2021.

It was at this time that Vladimir Putin said that banks should immediately return the social benefits written off against debts that were accrued to citizens. According to the head of state, credit organizations will do this easily, given their fantastic profits:

“I propose to enshrine in the legislation the prohibition of writing off social payments and benefits for enforcement proceedings. This must be done retroactively. That is, the means of social support that were withdrawn from the accounts of citizens must be returned to them. This is their legitimate money. Taking into account the banks’ net profit, they will make it easy. ”

From the point of view of the head of state, the cancellation of social benefits by bankers on account of debts is “absolutely unacceptable”, since these payments are “for children, support for families, to help people who find themselves in difficult life situations.” At the same time, Vladimir Putin admitted that the law does not fully regulate the prohibition to write off social benefits, so future State Duma deputies will have to do this immediately after starting work. The banking sector has not yet commented on the order of the head of state, but it looks like it is not very happy – this time the bankers will have to fork out.

It is interesting that this topic has been discussed in the lower house of parliament for at least two years. State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin noted that the ban on writing off social payments by banks had previously existed in the legislation. “But the mechanism was imperfect – the bailiffs and banks saw the debtor’s account, but did not see what funds were being transferred to it,” Volodin explained. Now the mechanism should be clearly spelled out, when each receipt will be indicated in the banking system.

“People are waiting for the adoption of this law,” MP Andrei Isaev is sure. – It will protect citizens. But, unfortunately, many of our citizens, not calculating their capabilities, take consumer loans and find themselves in a hole in debt, and then funds are collected from them in court. The legislation contains a list of amounts that cannot be debited under any circumstances, these amounts are protected. Such as part of the pension, alimony, child support, cash benefits that are paid in the event of the loss of a breadwinner, as well as a number of similar payments that are necessary so that people, even in a difficult situation, still have the means. necessary for existence “.

According to the deputy, until recently, the only way to get their social benefits back was to go to court. Now unexpectedly rich credit organizations will have to do it voluntarily and without unnecessary reminders.

Natalia Purtova.


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