Oct 12, 2020
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The President of Poland was embarrassed by Zelensky’s words about Crimea

Photo: Anton Gyngazov / Russian Look /

Andrzej Duda unexpectedly denied the Ukrainian leader the right to the peninsula

A meeting of the presidents of Poland and Ukraine took place today. The heads of state discussed the issues of restoring the borders of Ukraine and maintaining sanctions against the Russian Federation. However, Andrzej Duda was seriously embarrassed, speaking about the ownership of the disputed territories.

The head of Poland said that changing the borders established following the Second World War is unacceptable. The mistake of the Polish president was pointed out by political scientist Vladimir Kornilov, who stressed that after the war, Crimea was designated a part of Russia.

How subtly Duda today, in the presence of Ze, denied Ukraine the right to Crimea!
To quote the Polish president: "Any border movement after World War II ... is unacceptable."
Let me remind you that after World War II, Crimea remained a part of Russia❗️
Kiev will protest against Poland?

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