Sep 1, 2021
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The President of Kazakhstan made a statement about the Russian language after threats of reprisals by nationalists

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Photo: Kremlin Pool / Global Look Press /

The head of state called on everyone to use common sense

The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, said that the law in force in the country prohibits hindering the use of the Russian language. It is endowed with the official status in the republic, the head of state said during his message to the people at the opening of the parliamentary session.

Tokayev also noted that there are no grounds for allegations of infringement of the Kazakh language – in accordance with the constitution, it is the state language. Russian, on the other hand, has the status of an official one. If the younger generation knows other languages, including the last one, then no one will be at a loss from this.

The President recalled the great length of the border between the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. Moreover, the Russian language is included in one of the six official UN.

“This issue should be considered from the point of view of common sense,” Tokayev added.

Such discrimination, the President pointed out, is completely unacceptable and harms the fundamental rights of citizens, the “360” TV channel reports.

The President touched upon the language issue against the background of more frequent raids in Kazakhstan, when local nationalists arranged tests for the population of the Kazakh language. Similar videos have spread on YouTube. In the summer, Kazakhstani law enforcement agencies conducted an inspection, opening a case on inciting ethnic hatred against Kuat Akhmetov, the author of the scandalous videos. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation banned him from entering Russia for a fifty-year term. The defendant left for Georgia.

Victims of his “language patrols” have already complained about Akhmetov – one of the residents of Kazakhstan said that he called her and began to threaten the Prosecutor General’s Office and publish personal data on the Web for using the Russian language.

The head of the “Officers of Russia” Sergei Lipovoy said that he felt sorry for the “patriots” who are trying to threaten someone with reprisals, “saying that this is a planned provocation by Kazakh nationalists. The public figure urged local authorities to respond to the situation, noting that a similar picture in relation to Russian speakers is observed throughout the post-Soviet space.

Let us remind you that earlier the leaders of the unregistered party “El Tiregi” threatened several State Duma deputies with reprisals for allegedly hatching plans to seize Kazakhstan. Lipovoy, who complained about the oppression of Russians in the country, was promised to find a suitable place in the Kazakh steppe.

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