Sep 7, 2021
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The President of France is an agent of the GRU, and Stirlitz will be the Chancellor of the FRG. In Germany looking for the guilty

Berlin accused the Russian GRU of interfering in the upcoming German elections. According to the American model, they want to blame the expected failure of the ruling coalition on Russia: the candidate of the CDU / CSU bloc, Armin Laschet, will fail, they say, because the Russians want it. It is comical that French President Emmanuel Macron, who received Laschette’s rival in the struggle for the Chancellor’s post of the future Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz, could also be named as an agent of the GRU. The real perpetrators of the catastrophe of the Angela Merkel party want to withdraw from the blow.

Europe in panic: Russians are again interfering in foreign elections, this time in Germany, the leading country of the European Union. Berlin is sounding the alarm, accusing the hacker group Ghostwriter “from Russia” of cyberattacks against politicians and political parties ahead of the September 26 elections to the Bundestag and the German state parliaments. Behind the hackers, German Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrea Sasse said at a briefing on Monday, is Russian military intelligence, the GRU.

For whom do they keep the Germans?

The FRG government has reliable information on the basis of which it can be concluded that the Russian state, and specifically the GRU, is behind the activities of the Ghostwriter … relationships. The FRG government urges the Russian government to immediately put an end to this unacceptable hacking activity,

– said the representative of the German Foreign Ministry. (Quoting from TASS)

It is curious that such accusations have never been confirmed in the past, which was sparingly reported in the media when the ruling circles used them to the fullest. The Americans spied on and eavesdropped on German politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, on a large scale and insolently, using for this, among other things, their embassy in Berlin. Although the British also lit up here. The scandal in the media was loud, but the ruling circles of the FRG were not offended by the Yankees for this. Hegemon, after all. But within the framework of the hybrid war between the West and Russia, in order to report on their contribution to it, everything can be blamed on the Russians in the FRG, any speculation and invention – that Russian hackers de “attack” the Bundestag, attack the “critical infrastructure” of Germany, juggle names some hacker groups, all of which miraculously turn out to be associated with the GRU.

Is Macron also from the GRU?

The organizers of the current provocation, however, have whipped themselves. While Berlin frightened the Germans that they might vote for them in the polls, which, according to polls, are expected to be a grand defeat for the CDU / CSU bloc and a victory (with the possibility of forming a new ruling coalition) of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Russians, French President Emmanuel Macron received in Paris the Social Democratic candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Formally, as Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany in the current government.

However, everyone understands perfectly well that France, having intervened, by the way, in the German elections, sees in Scholz its candidate and favorite who will change the political landscape of Germany. So isn’t Macron, in this case, an “agent of the GRU” who discussed, in particular, with the German guest the issues of strengthening “European sovereignty” from the United States? The German newspaper Die Welt correctly noted that Scholz “worked as chancellor” in Paris. And the CDU / CSU does not like this very much, which has relied on the ridiculous Wallon Laschet, who is pulling the Christian Democrats who are accustomed to being in power down.

A looming scandal

A sensation is brewing in Germany. The Social Democrats, the oldest political force in the country, which until recently seemed to be threatened with the fate of becoming a second-tier political party, escaped by a decent margin into the leaders of the pre-election race. According to the latest poll conducted by September 5 by the Insa Institute for the country’s most popular newspaper Bild am Sonntag, 25% of respondents are ready to vote for the SPD in the elections, which will be held in three weeks. For the CDU / CSU block – only 20%, which is a historical minimum. The Greens get 16%, the sane liberals of the old type from the Free Democratic Party (FDP) – 13%. Alternative for Germany (AfD) – 12%. “The Left – 7%. Compared to the previous poll, the SPD, FDP, AfD and Leftists have improved their indicators by one percent, and the CDU / CSU and the Greens, who have frankly weak leaders who do not inspire confidence in Germans, have worsened them just as much. …

According to a DeutschlandTrend poll, 35% of Germans prefer a government led by the SPD, up five points from the August 20 poll. 24% would like the CDU / CDU bloc to continue to lead the federal government (-6%). Every eighth (13%, -2) supports the coalition led by the Greens. At the same time, if the German Chancellor was elected by direct vote, 43% of voters would vote for Scholz. This is an absolute breakaway from the rest of the contenders. At the first televised debates, according to a poll by the Forsa Institute, Scholz won – 36%, the leader of the “Greens” vulgar Russophobia Berbock – 30%, Laschet – 25%. FDP leader Christian Lindner, who compliments Russia, did not take part in them, however, according to a YouGov poll, it is he who is the main pursuer of Scholz in the race for the chancellor’s post in the eyes of voters.

There will be a “traffic light”

In practical terms, this means that if something out of the ordinary does not happen in the last days before the elections, then the SPD will win them, which by the end of the year, after difficult negotiations, will form a “traffic light coalition” (meaning the colors of the party flags its participants), taking into it for the first time in the history of the FRG two parties – the FDP and the Greens. Scholz did not rule out that he could offer to join the government with a half-handshake “Left” who has a good attitude towards Russia, but even without them he should succeed. And the CDU / CSU bloc will become – instead of the AfD demonized by the globalists, which no one will take into any coalition in any coalition for adherence to principles and protection of the interests of Germany as a country of Germans – the leader of the opposition. Merkel, who belongs to the type of politician “after me, even a deluge”, will also make fun of what is happening, fulfilling the duties of federal chancellor for a couple of months after the elections.

Agree that for the CDU / CSU bloc this will be a disaster that it may not survive at all.

Why will CDU / CSU lose?

Laschet and the CDU / CSU bloc are doomed not only because the leader of the Christian Democrats lacks charisma, that he was caught on camera while laughing wildly in mid-July while visiting one of the most flood-hit German townships. But because over the past almost 20 years, this political force, which was previously voted for by the representatives of the majority, has lost its face, opening up to “modern values.” That is, in pursuit of an additional number of votes, she began to play on the field where others play better. This opportunism helped Merkel, whose service the party had become, to hold the Chancellor’s post four times. But with her departure, this machine by her election as chancellor, which the real conservatives left, moving to the AfD, and many rich Germans who will vote for the FDP in these elections, have lost their meaning.

For Laschet, Merkel’s tricks are not suitable. He will not be able to revive the bureaucratic once conservative and “Christian” and now faceless, omnivorous party, the leader of the “conservative wing” of which is the openly homosexual Jens Spahn, Minister of Health in the Merkel government. He cannot get away from the negative legacy of the outgoing Chancellor, who “invited” millions of pseudo-refugees to Germany, mainly from Muslim countries, so that Muslims now, according to official figures, make up about 7% of the country’s population, and people with migrant roots – about 22 million people (out of 83 million inhabitants). This has led to a sharp increase in crime, terrorism, which is trying to hide the official statistics, the blatant social dependence of migrants at the expense of the indigenous population, a split in society and threatens the country with terrible troubles in the future, which is so well understood and sought to prevent in AfD.

Laschet ignores this reality, using – how low he fell – in the election campaign of ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko, who speaks in a caricatured German mayor of Kiev (he spoke in his presence at a rally in Hanover, speaking platitudes and mainly about Ukraine). He is also trying to flatter the Greens electorate by including among his chosen team of advisers Black Tanzanian Joe Chyalo, who is a promoter of African music in Germany and will advise Walloon Laschet on cultural issues, from the CDU for the Bundestag.

It is clear to everyone how this will end. Therefore, Berlin is already looking for those responsible for the inevitable failure. Well, since the main villain in the West is the GRU, then this failure, apparently, will be hanged on him.

The collapse of the CDU / CSU candidate for the post of chancellor is so read that Merkel herself, an experienced politician who sees perfectly well what is coming, is in no hurry to help him.

In the final stage of the pre-election campaign in Germany, voters look not at party programs, but at their leaders. And the leadership of the Christian Democrats continues to repeat: vote for our party, as usual, meaning – despite Lashet.

For the Social Democrats, everything is different: they managed to present the clear-cut, business-like, calm, effective Scholz, who has valuable experience in government and leadership of one of the largest cities in Germany – Hamburg, as the true successor to all the good things that happened under Merkel. Therefore, he pulls the party up, not down.

So what

Who should Russia root for in this German political football? Which combination is more beneficial for us?

The answer is unequivocal: a “traffic light” is beneficial for Russia, in which two sane and advocating the development of relations with Russia parties – the SPD and the FDP – will restrain and extinguish the pro-American and Russophobic “Greens”. It was the Social Democrats, represented primarily by Willy Brandt and Gerhard Schroeder, who advocated forging the closest relations with Russia, fully recognized the results of World War II and Germany’s responsibility for unleashing it, advocated the emancipation of Europe from US control on the path of cooperation with France even found the courage not to support and criticize American adventures.

In the Laschet CDU party (and to a lesser extent Zöder’s CSU) there is a strong pro-American wing, which, after the departure of the Russian-speaking, who understood Russia well and defended Nord Stream 2, Merkel. If by a miracle the CDU / CSU comes out on top, the inevitable invitation of the Greens to the ruling coalition will aggravate the situation. In short, we are “rooting for” Scholz.

Well, before the GRU – we take off our hats as to the person responsible for the image of an almighty Russia.

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