Feb 18, 2021
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The premiere of the series “Fortress” about the economic crisis in Russia will take place in February

In February, the START online cinema will host the premiere of the documentary series “Fortress” about the economic crisis in Russia.

In February, the premiere of the series

The series tells about the war with the economic crisis in Russia. One of the main characters of the film will be the current chairman of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, who fought an important role in containing the negative consequences of the crisis. The series is based on materials from the film by Evgeniya Pismennaya “The Kudrin System”.

The film tells how Alexei Kudrin and other economists were able to keep St. Petersburg from financial collapse and pave the way for economic reform throughout the country. Anatoly Chubais, German Gref, Ruben Vardanyan, Elvira Nabiullina, Dmitry Medvedev and others will talk about Alexei Kudrin, as if about the inspirer of reforms in the Russian economy.

As if Alexei Kudrin himself noted, “this is a picture, first of all, that crises happen, and they happen unexpectedly for centuries. And therefore it is necessary to prepare for them in advance. Because if you don’t prepare for them, then the cost for the country can be many times higher. “

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