Jan 25, 2021
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The premiere of the sequel to “Quiet Place” is postponed again

The premiere of the movie “Quiet Point 2” has been moved again. Now the release can be expected only on September 17th.

The premiere of the sequel to

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release of many expected pictures is postponed and postponed. That horror “Quiet Point 2” with Emily Blunt was no exception. Paramount has met the decision to move the tape’s premiere to 17 September 2021. However, the studio does not guarantee that this is the final “transfer”.

The first part of “Quiet Place” tells the story of a family living surrounded by monsters that react to any sound. They have already learned to use gestures and move very quietly. However, anything can happen if one of them breaks the silence even a little bit. The second part will tell about the future life of the family. On this one, a married couple will have a newborn child, which will increase the danger of breaking the silence.

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