Sep 16, 2020
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The pregnant star of “House-2” Alexandra Gozias forbade her husband to attend the birth

05:52, 09/16/2020

The ex-participant in reality believes that an ambiguous show can cause irreparable harm to the psyche of her husband.

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On July 1, it became known that in the camp of pregnant stars of the reality show "Dom-2" arrived. For the second time, the ex-participant of the scandalous TV show Alexandra Gozias is preparing to become a mother, which Sasha did not hesitate to announce in her microblog on Instagram. The child's father is the second husband, Gozias. They got married this year, but the scandalous reality star carefully hides his appearance and surname from the public, referring to the fact that her husband is not a public person.

Alexandra Gozias

Alexandra has already chosen a clinic and bought everything she needs for the newborn, and also decided on the form of carrying out her childbirth, saying that they certainly will not be partners. The day before, Sasha told that she is a categorical opponent of childbirth with her husband. She will not allow her spouse to this spectacle, as she believes that this can cause irreparable harm to the psyche of a man, and also turn him away from her as from a desired woman in the future.

Alexandra Gozias is about to give birth

“I have already decided where I will give birth, on Monday I will submit documents to this clinic. My wife will not be in labor, I am categorically against it. To give birth is a woman's business. I think that men who are present at childbirth receive psychological trauma, because of this, relations between spouses may worsen. We are not only parents, we are also lovers. True, he loves me so much that he said: “If you want, I will go as you say, but I can’t see it,” said Gozias.

Alexandra Gosias with her eldest daughter

Alexandra added that her attending physician is a man, and he also supported Sasha's decision not to let her husband go into childbirth. Note that the reality star has not yet voiced the sex of her unborn child, but she and her husband have known him for a long time. Therefore, a young mother is in no hurry to demonstrate a stroller and other things for a newborn. “I am not putting it on display yet, because it will immediately become clear who we are waiting for - a boy or a girl. I pleased my husband, this is his first child, and he is exactly the gender that his beloved dreamed of, ”Sasha hinted in an interview with Dom2Life.

Alexandra Gozias with her eldest daughter Sofia

It is worth noting that Alexandra also has a six-year-old daughter. Sofia. The girl was born in the marriage of a TV star with a former member of "House-2" Ilya Korotkov. With Ilya, Alexandra remained in a rather tense relationship. And Gozias' connection with his daughter cannot be called strong either. So, the ex-participant of reality admitted that before giving birth she wanted to transport her daughter to a new family, but she flatly refused. Sofia threw a huge tantrum and announced that she would not go anywhere. Moreover, the girl admitted that she did not want to live with her mother-cuckoo. The fact is that during her stay on the project, Gozias gave up Sofia in order to build her personal life. The girl was very worried about the absence of her mother. At the same time, Gozias decided that Ilya Korotkov was turning her daughter against her.

Sasha Gozias

Recall that Gozias on the project was known as a sharp and unrestrained person on the tongue. Often serious conflicts broke out between her and other participants. So, the girl has repeatedly criticized pop singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova, as well as many former colleagues in the shop. For example, she called Alexandra Cherno "rare SSBass", and Alexandra sharply condemned Ilya Yabbarov, who abandoned his pregnant bride Alena Rapunzel. On the site of reality, Gozias had an affair with Konstantin Ivanov... In the future, the young people left the perimeter together, but soon parted.

Sasha Gozias with Konstantin Ivanov

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