Jan 25, 2021
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The PRC Coast Guard can open fire on foreign ships from February 1

From February 1, the Chinese Maritime Police will receive the authority to open fire on foreign ships to protect the national sovereignty of the PRC.

According to TASS, such powers of the coast guard are given by the adopted law on the Chinese maritime police. The Chinese police will be able to use weapons against ships that conduct illegal economic activities in the country’s waters.

Also, the naval police may open fire on ships that are carrying ammunition or drugs and refuse to comply.

It is noted that the coast guard is empowered to open fire without warning only in emergency situations, and must minimize human casualties.

Earlier it was reported that the United States would send coast guard rapid response boats to the western Pacific to counter Chinese fishing in the region. The document, published on the White House website, says that the PRC is conducting undeclared fish catch, as well as pursuing vessels fishing in economic zones of other countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

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