Apr 24, 2022
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The prankster who danced in front of the surveillance camera hit her husband in a sensitive place

joker hit her husband in the groinWhen Amy and Bill returned home, the woman saw that their security camera had gone off, and this prompted the prankster to a funny idea.

joker hit her husband in the groin

The cheerful lady decided that it would be interesting to film some dance moves, and everything went well right up to the moment when Amy decided to involve her husband in the dance. Another step, which was supposed to be beautiful, ended with Bill getting hit in the groin.

joker hit her husband in the groin

It’s good that the sensitive place didn’t suffer too much, and the spouses later had a great laugh over the incident. Friends and relatives of the heroes of the video admitted that the incident turned out to be comical, and advised Amy and Bill not to hide the video in the family archive and share it on the Internet, which our heroes did.

The joker scared a colleague, and he was sprinkled with flour from head to toe

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