Apr 19, 2021
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The power of numbers

“Facebook can be called a crime syndicate”

The interference of digital giants in the political life of the United States has exposed the danger of the control of several individuals over world political processes. And not only the Republicans who lost the elections did not like this, but also the Democratic winners, who began to calculate the budget losses from activities. Google, Facebook, Instagram… The emerging digital empire ricochetically threatens China, Russia, Great Britain, and the European Union.

With large-scale leaks of personal data on the Internet, both the user’s private life and his wallet become public. As reported EvractiveThe Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) opened an investigation after Facebook Inc. threw the personal data of 533 million users into the network. The company announced that they did it “Malicious individuals by scraping profiles using a vulnerability in the platform’s contact sync tool”… However, the proper use of personal data, excluding their public availability, is a key condition for the activity. Facebook.

US $ 5 Billion Fines Failing to Secure the Huge Data Collected in Facebook… The EU claims of violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the 2018 Data Protection Act, which established the norms for doing business in Europe for Facebook, Apple and Google… As reported Data center, this is the 27th investigation against American high-tech firms.

The multiple threats of proliferation through Facebook and its applications Facebook Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger violence, pornography and other prohibited content, including scenes of sexual crimes against children. More than half of these crimes in the past year were committed in the UK on apps Facebook, reports British charity organization “National Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse” (National Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse, NSPCC)… Almost 9.5 thousand cases of sexual or obscene “image” crimes against children – these figures were provided to the organization by the British police.

In the United States, evidenced NSPCC, the statistics are even more depressing. For the year – 23 million complaints about 33 million videos and almost 30 million images of child sexual abuse. 90 percent of cases – on Facebook“Facebook can be called a crime syndicate. These crimes range from privacy fraud, cyberbullying and identity theft to robbery, defamation, harassment on various grounds and racist propaganda. “, – believe in NSPCC… Conscientious user of applications Facebook will also add cases of concealment of war crimes, blackmail, and human trafficking to this list.

New York Times States that Facebook became a disaster for the world. British The keeper notes that Facebook threatens the economy, people’s mental health, democracy, and asks the question: why are we sleeping? However, this indignation, and these questions remain empty rhetoric, while in Facebook employs an army of 58 thousand workers, while the annual income of this corporation is equal to 85 billion, and profits exceed $ 29 billion (an increase of 34 percent over the last year). Compare: the world leader in the automotive industry, Ford employs 175,000 people, earns $ 127 billion in revenue a year, but its profits are less than $ 3 billion. At the same time, the business Facebook relieved of any responsibility for the content that is distributed through the services of the corporation on the Internet. And that is not all.

The giants of digital commerce, which quickly formed their own market for goods and services, easily hide their astronomical revenues in tax havens. By transferring a gigantic money supply to offshores, these corporations were able to influence the economies of entire states.

Despite the rapid growth in the number of buyers using the Internet when selling and buying goods and services, income from such sales is usually not declared and taxes are not paid on income. Therefore, traditional traders and shopkeepers have thrown themselves into the arms of numbers.

The first to feel that they were receiving less were the European tax authorities. Last July, the EU proposed rules to improve tax transparency to prevent those who make money online from tax evasion. Recently, the Council of the European Union approved new rules for the functioning of the digital market, which will take effect from January 1, 2023. The rules will govern both European and non-European digital platforms. The main thing in the new rules is the introduction of an obligation for operators of digital platforms to report the income received from buyers of each country. And the national tax authorities of the EU countries will be obliged to automatically exchange this information.

“This revision of the rules, – believe in Brussels, – aims to expand European tax requirements on sales made via social media such as Facebook or Instagram, which have grown, in particular, due to the fact that the pandemic introduced restrictions on physical sales “

Cover photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic

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