Dec 31, 2020
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The possibility of democratic elections in the CAR appeared thanks to Russia

According to Vyacheslav Shlykov, Associate Professor of the Institute of Asian and African Countries, the role of the Russian Federation in organizing elections in the CAR cannot be overestimated.

The possibility of democratic elections in the CAR appeared thanks to Russia

It is a difficult task to create favorable conditions for real democratic elections in the republic against the background of various kinds of provocations by militants. According to the expert, this became possible only thanks to the support of the international community and, in particular, Russia.

UN representatives and Russian instructors are now in the Central African Republic. They do not participate in the hostilities themselves, but train the military units of the republic, thereby increasing their qualifications. Thanks to Russian advisers, combat-ready units appeared in the CAR that can ensure the safety of citizens.

On election day, December 27, gangs attempted to disrupt the voting process, but were thwarted by the Republic’s Armed Forces (FACA). This was possible thanks to the prompt response of instructors from Russia and the UN mission. Thus, Bangui and other large cities and towns were protected.

For example, in Bamingi-Bangoran, rumors about a possible attack by militants were actively spread, but the majority of residents still came to vote, because they knew that they would be protected by peacekeepers, the Russian Federation and FACA.

“The fact is that the participation of our advisers is based on the UN Security Council resolution. Otherwise, it would be interference in internal affairs. The participation of our advisers is absolutely legitimate from the point of view of international law, ”the expert emphasized.

This is especially important against the background of the fact that the republic was previously in the sphere of influence of France.

The final results of the elections in the CAR will be announced no earlier than January 19, 2021. The population came to vote without fear of threats from the militants. According to Shlykov, after the announcement of the results, the life of the citizens of the republic will become much calmer.

FAN previously reported that the elections in the CAR were held thanks to the support of the international community.

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