Jul 31, 2020
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The political scientist assessed the chances of the party “For Truth” to squeeze “Fair Russia” in the elections

Viktor Poturemsky, director of political analysis at the Institute for Social Marketing (INSOMAR), believes that the For Truth party has serious chances to squeeze A Just Russia in the elections. The Social Revolutionaries still have supporters in a number of regions of the country, but they have already lost their former positions and are experiencing a problem with personnel, the political scientist believes.

- Fair Russia did have a kind of failure. They have ceased to be on the agenda, and there have been no bright victories lately. In general, the Fair Russia party has a regional character. There are regions where it is relatively strong - such as the Urals, Chuvashia, Novosibirsk. If we talk about the country as a whole, then the forecasts given by many experts that the Fair Russia party does not overcome the 5% barrier neither at the regional level, nor in the elections to the State Duma, - said to Life Poturemsky.

As for Zakhar Prilepin's party "For the Truth", the expert admitted that he initially treated it with some skepticism. However, after a while, he noticed the strengthening of her position. Now the political force has expanded and gained supporters throughout the country. In some regions, Prilepin's party acts very technologically and very actively, the political scientist believes. He concluded that the For Truth movement has the power to squeeze A Just Russia in the elections.

Recall that in 2016-2018 Zakhar Prilepin was in the DPR and participated in the defense of the republic. In the summer of 2018, he decided to return to Moscow. Later, the writer spoke about the war in Donbass in his new novel "Some will not go to hell". In October 2019, Prilepin organized the For Truth movement.

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