Dec 31, 2020
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The political scientist assessed Poroshenko’s “involvement” in the detention of the Wagner PMC detachment

Petro Poroshenko
Petro Poroshenko

Director of the Institute of Contemporary State Development, political scientist Dmitry Solonnikov explained the words of the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about his involvement in the detention of Russians from PMC Wagner in Belarus.

In his opinion, Poroshenko’s statement is an attempt to remind about himself or to protect against “internal showdowns” and possible criminal cases.

Or the opportunity to build a new configuration in order to start a new power struggle <...>… So this is by no means a statement of some real fact. Is it a fuss around the couch or a fight under the carpet, – said he is in an interview with the TV channel.

The expert also noted that the situation in Ukraine today is very unstable. For this reason, politicians try to make vivid statements, demonstrate activity and the formation of a “new face”.

Poroshenko is also doing this. He is trying to show himself as an active participant in political processes in the country.

If there is an attack on him, it means that Moscow is taking revenge on him for his shares. <...>… An attempt to somehow spread a straw in this way, to make yourself an airbag– explained the political scientist.

The Russians from PMC Wagner were detained in Minsk in the summer, shortly before the presidential elections in Belarus. The authorities of the republic suspected them of preparing mass riots. The Kremlin called the incident a mistake, noting that the detachment intended to go to another country in transit through Belarus. The Russians were released after interrogation.

As wrote, Poroshenko said that back in 2018 he initiated a special operation, the result of which was the detention of Russians.

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