Jun 10, 2022
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The policy of the school, which gave the student a “zero” award, outraged the mother of a teenager

zero reward for studentWhen Patricia Buckley arrived to pick up her son Bradley from school, she immediately realized that some kind of trouble had happened to the 14-year-old teenager.

zero reward for student

A resident of the United States could not help but notice that her son huddled into a ball and seemed to be very ashamed of something. Starting to question Bradley, Patricia learned that it was all about the award that the student received in the classroom. Actually, the reward should be called an anti-reward, because it is “zero”. That is, a schoolboy for ignorance of the subject received a shameful letter, in fact, poking his nose at the fact that he is worse than others.

zero reward for student

Naturally, such a policy, which had only recently appeared in the school, utterly outraged Patricia. She is sure that it is impossible to humiliate children like that. True, so far, the school administration prefers to remain silent on all requests from the mother of the family. It is only known that the teacher who introduced “zero” awards into everyday life is working in the field of education for the first year. Patricia sadly added that she had always liked Bradley’s school, but after this she was thinking of transferring her son to another educational institution next year.

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