Jan 18, 2022
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The policeman was not afraid to walk on thin ice to save the dog

policeman walking on thin iceThe rescue operation, which was carried out by police officer Jonathan Smith, required a lot of determination from him.

policeman walking on thin ice

The police in Lewiston (New York, USA) received a message about a dog that partially fell through the ice on a frozen reservoir. Taking off his extra equipment, Jonathan was not afraid to walk on thin ice and managed not only to get to the animal, but also to accompany him to the shore. Even colleagues of the daredevil were not sure of the success of the rescue operation, but the man was on top.

policeman walking on thin ice

However, Jonathan’s brave deeds are nothing new. It is known that he only recently received an award for pulling a certain woman out of a burning house. It seems that the policeman is not afraid of either fire or ice.

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